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Ranking the N.L. West in 2015: Right Field

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Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The start of the regular season is rapidly approaching, as we are currently now approximately three weeks away from Opening Day. It is a time where every fanbase has visions of a deep playoff run. It is a time where hope springs eternal, when every team feels good about themselves and their chances heading into the season.

However, that does not mean that we cannot look at the teams realistically. For a team like the Arizona Diamondbacks, the reality is that their situation is rather difficult. The Dodgers seemingly have an ability to print money with their current ownership. The padres suddenly splurged, seemingly trading for any player they could find without care. The Giants won the World Series last year. And the Rockies are still a potentially dangerous ballclub. Yes, the landscape of the National League West is certainly treacherous.

To further understand where the Arizona Diamondbacks rank in the hierarchy of the National League West, we have been going through the league position by position. Today, we turn our focus to right field, and will look at the right field situation of each team in the division.

Where do the Diamondbacks rank in the National League West? Which team has the best right field situation? Here are our thoughts. Let us know what you think as well in the comments!

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