Ranking the N.L. West in 2015: Right Field

By David Hill
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Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

5. Mark Trumbo/Ender Inciarte

We all know what Mark Trumbo brings to the table. He has tremendous power, averaging 32 home runs from 2011 through 2013. He also strikes out a lot, and is below average when it comes to drawing a walk, with a career 6.5% walk rate. Trumbo really has a starting role due to that ability to hit the ball a long way.

Nominally slated as the Arizona Diamondbacks starting right fielder, Trumbo may be a bit of an adventure there. In his five year major league career, Trumbo has all of 65 appearances in right, and did not play there at all last year. In those 65 games, Trumbo is considered to be seven runs below average, meaning that the Diamondbacks will need him to be stellar with the bat to justify his place in the lineup.

That makes Ender Inciarte even more intriguing. He showed excellent speed last year, stealing 19 bases in 22 attempts, making up for what may be considered a below average .278/.318/.359 batting line. However, Inciarte may well be a breakout candidate based on his performance over the second half of the season.

Inciarte may never be a power threat, but he is a good defensive outfielder who finished sixth with a 2.5 defensive WAR. Splitting his time between center and right, Inciarte saved nine runs and was second with ten outfield assists. If he can make strides offensively, he may force his way into the lineup, either at Trumbo’s expense or in center.

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