Arizona Diamondbacks News: Brad Ziegler, Addison Reed Progressing

By Joseph Jacquez
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Addison Reed

should be ready by Opening Day. Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

My Thoughts: 

Obviously the Diamondbacks need to have their bullpen at full strength to be successful this year.

I also don’t have any issues with Ziegler and Reed taking their time with their recoveries. The Diamondbacks have a lot of depth in the pen this year.

Enrique Burgos, Kaleb Fleck, Will Locante, Jake Barrett, Jimmie Sherfy all could see action this year, and guys like Evan Marshall and Oliver Perez can perform in the late innings.

Ziegler’s value to the Diamondbacks is super high because of his consistency year in and year out, and his ability to get ground balls and induce double plays on a consistent basis.

That is precisely why he needs to take his time. The Diamondbacks need Ziegler to be at 100 percent.

When the Diamondbacks acquired Reed in the winter of 2013, I was skeptical of the trade just because I didn’t think Reed would be a good fit for Chase Field thanks to his high FB%. In July I said he should have been removed as the closer. 

My suspicions were right. Despite saving 32 games in 38 attempts, he gave up 11 home runs with a 4.25 ERA.

Now that he has had one full season at Chase and in the National League under his belt, I think he will have a better year which is why the Dbacks also need him at 100 percent.

However long it takes Ziegler, Reed, and Stites to come back is fine with me.

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