Arizona Diamondbacks Editorial: Four Takeaways From Week 1

By Joseph Jacquez
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3. Depth is the Diamondbacks Friend

Depth is a good thing for any team, and it is the Diamondbacks best friend right now. The Diamondbacks have so much depth in the infield and the outfield that as a result Chip Hale can mix and match up the rotations and get everybody playing time.

Depth is a great thing for a few reasons. First, it allows Hale to put his players in the best chance to succeed. The best example of this so far might just be Jake Lamb. He doesn’t start against lefties, but when he gets a chance to start against a right-hander he has taken advantage and produced in key situations. He has a .461 on-base-percentage

Second, it allows everybody to be healthy through the whole entire season. When players start so many games in a row and don’t get enough days off throughout a one hundred sixty two game season, fatigue sets in and by the end of the year key players are worn out.

That is why if everybody can stay healthy, depth allows the Dbacks position players to get regular rest, and it keeps the team fresh and energized. Paul Goldschmidt is the only guy that is guaranteed to start pretty much every game.

Thanks to injuries, the Dbacks didn’t have depth last year, and it costed them. It has certainly helped so far this year.