Life on the Farm: Diamondbacks Minor League Weekly Report

By Chuck Jackson
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In the lowest levels, Touki Toussaint had his second start this season, pitching six strong innings (only 70 pitches), giving up only two hits and two walks. If you recall my discussion about him last week, this kid is athletic and strong. I don’t claim to be any type of scouting superstar, but through all of the baseball I have played and watched in my life, I have only seen a handful of guys that have impressed me as much as he has physically. Now, that may not amount too much, but I think the money would be on him delivering when he makes it to the majors – which, knock on wood, does not get derailed, because he will be a major leaguer.

As far as former picks go, I have to wonder what is going on with Stryker Trahan. Is he a huge bust? Was the book on him just off-the-rocker wrong? He is toiling away in A-ball while striking out (Strykering out?) 11 times in 26 at-bats last week. One has to wonder what went wrong.

And finally, like the Rawhide last week, the Kane County Cougars unveiled a special outfit. This little diddy on Star Wars Night was a bit difficult to get at first, probably because my nerd-dom went straight to trying to match it to a Jedi, but eventually I realized it was a Wookiee.