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Goldy is Moving On Up! MLB All Star Ballot Update


Our work is restless, but it serves a greater purpose. About a week ago, Goldy was the victim of little to no mainstream coverage. Although many of his numbers were tops among NL first basemen, Goldy sat at 3rd place, behind Gonzalez and Rizzo. Fast forward to today, and the MLB All Star results paint a much more pleasant picture.

Here are the specific numbers:

1. Adrian Gonzalez– 1,380,696 votes

2. Paul Goldschmidt– 1,067,482 votes

3. Anthony Rizzo– 834,554 votes

But here are the numbers since last week’s update:

Paul Goldschmidt: 587,463 votes

Adrian Gonzalez: 451,680 votes

Anthony Rizzo: 345,299 votes

It’s happening. Goldy received more votes last week than Gonzalez and has tightened up the race. Goldy is now down a shade over 300,000 votes. That’s an improvement over the near 450,000 votes he was down last week. It’s going to be difficult to take on the Los Angeles area and their golden boy, but Arizona has gained momentum in the race. Here are the current leaders.

Here are the statistical leaders among NL first basemen in every major category.


  • .355 AVG
  • .471 OBP
  • .677 SLG
  • 1.149 OPS
  • 15 HR
  • 44 RBI
  • 41 BB
  • 66 H
  • 39 R
  • .998 FPCT


  • 19 2B


  • 2 3B
  • 9 SB

This situation is something out of a blind test. And it sure makes me want to go out and vote (if I could). So go out and tell your friends to help out Goldy. If not for him, then for America. #VoteGoldy

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