MLB Draft: Who Will The Dbacks Select?

By Guillermo Salcido

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On Monday the Dbacks new generation will see a new face added. The MLB Draft is a very exciting time for teams and prospects alike. This year’s edition is more special than others, mainly because the number one pick is still a mystery. It just so happens that the Dbacks are owners of the number one overall pick.

We here at Venom Strikes have decided to put on our General Manager hats and predict who will join Justin Upton as the only number one overall picks in Arizona franchise history. Earlier we provided a mock draft and have also produced prospect profiles on Brendan Rodgers, Dillon Tate, Alex Bregman, Dansby Swanson, Daz Cameron, Brady Aiken and Tyler Jay.

Charles Rahrig

8. <p>Going with Brendan Rodgers.</p><div><div>While luck will have it that this draft doesn’t have a generational talent when the Dbacks have the number one pick, it does serve them well as there is plenty of talent at positions of need.</div><div></div><p>Adding a shortstop that can be dynamic with the bat and play multiple positions reminds me of when the team drafted Justin Upton. He’s a prospect that fans can be excited about for years to come as they think of the possibilities with him in the line up. They don’t even need to race to the podium. They’re No. 1!</p></div>. SS. Lake Mary High School (FL). Brendan Rodgers. 1. player