Top 5 Draft Picks in Arizona Diamondbacks’ History

By Thomas Lynch
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3-Justin Upton-2005 1st round pick from Great Bridge High School (Chesapeake, VA)

Justin Upton was the first overall pick in the 2005 Draft. He cracked the Majors in 2007 at age 19, receiving 152 plate appearances during Arizona’s 2007 National League West Championship run. He was a two-time All Star with the D’backs and finished fourth in the 2011 National League MVP race. Upton was sent packing to the Atlanta Braves in January 2013 for a parcel of players, including Brandon Drury, currently one of the top prospects in the D’backs’ system.

Upton ranks among the top players in franchise history in several offensive categories. Overall, he played 5 1/2 seasons for the D’backs, second most on this list. You can make the argument that he should be higher. However, if you are talking in general terms of a player’s production vs. where he was drafted, #3 is the perfect spot for him. Plus, the top two on our list can be described as the “best at his position”, praise that has never been given to Upton.