Who will the Diamondbacks Call Up in September?

By Guillermo Salcido
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Mar 3, 2015; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Will Locante against the Arizona State Sun Devils during a spring training baseball game at Salt River Fields. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Hessler

  • With the trade of Oliver Perez to Houston, the Dbacks were in need of a left handed specialist. Hessler got the first chance, and to say that he didn’t take advantage of it would be a massive understatement. Wherever he went, destruction was following closely. Yes, he’s on the 40-man roster. Yes, Arizona needs a left specialist. yes, his minor league numbers (A, AA) are great. But maybe give someone else a shot? Maybe this next guy.
  • 2015 stats
    • MLB: 8 G, 0-1, 15.19 ERA, 5 K
    • AAA: 16 G, 1-1, 6.35 ERA, 11 K
    • AA: 24 G, 3-1, 0.71 ERA, 32 K
    • A: 10 G, 1-0, 0.00 ERA, 20 K

Will Locante

  • Locante could be a benefactor of the “40-man advantage” come this September. Playing a position of need (lefty specialist) is also on his side. What’s not on his side would be his horrendous numbers in Double-A. The Dbacks will be struck between a rock and a hard place in a couple of days when Locante and Hessler are their only options for this particular role.
  • 2015 stats
    • AA: 42 G, 2-4, 5.85 ERA, 36 K, 1 SV

Yoan Lopez*

  • Arizona’s prized international signing isn’t ready for the major leagues and he’s battling a shoulder injury that scared some within the organization. Tommy John would be a devastating blow to such a young (22 years old) investment, but at the moment the injury has been brushed off and injury won’t be likely. Lopez will have to work his way up to the majors the old school way.
  • 2015 stats
    • AA: 10 G, 1-6, 4.69 ERA, 32 K

Kevin Munson

  • Munson makes his debut on the Venom Strikes site (I believe) on the basis of his standing on the 40-man roster. He’s having an okay season with the Aces, but at this point there are too many bullpen arms ahead of him. The 26-year old could see time in Arizona if an injury to someone else permits it.
  • 2015 stats
    • AAA: 29 G, 2-3, 4.60 ERA, 30 K, 2 SV
    • AA: 2 G, 0-0, 0.00 ERA, 4 K

Nick Evans*

  • Evans isn’t on the 40-man roster and he’s not a young prospect that Dbacks are heavily invested in, either. Evans, 29, is from Glendale and played a tad with Arizona last season. He hit .273 and smacked a couple of homers in his 18 games in the desert. Now, he’s setting the Reno Aces a blaze. Evans could be a back up option for Goldy at first base, if paternity leave causes the MVP-candidate to miss some time.
  • 2015 stats
    • AAA: 129 G, .304 AVG, 16 HR, 88 RBI

Socrates Brito

  • After struggling to begin his season in Mobile, Brito has turned around things in a big way. A member of the 40-man roster, a call up would be easier for him. However, the Arizona outfield is the team’s strongest aspect. At 22 years old, there’s no need to rush out Brito too soon.
  • 2015 stats
    • AA: 122 G, .300 AVG, 8 HR, 53 RBI

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