Arizona Diamondbacks bring back Matt Williams as Third Base Coach

By Charles Rahrig V

After being fired by the Washington Nationals as manager, the Arizona Diamondbacks have brought back Matt Williams as a third-base coach.

When third-base coach Andy Green became the new manager of the San Diego Padres, the Arizona Diamondbacks were in need of a new third-base coach.

It appears that  the Diamondbacks have settled on a familiar former face for the position. On Tuesday, the Diamondbacks brought back former legend and third-base coach Matt Williams to take on his old coaching duties he served with the team before becoming the manager of the Nationals.

It’s an interesting decision, as Williams didn’t leave the Nationals on a high note. Still, Williams is by far a much more popular guy in Arizona than he ever was in Washington.

It may not be a popular choice to some, because of Williams’ knack for sending runners to home only for them to be thrown out. Baserunning was an issue in the past for the Diamondbacks and some of that could be attributed to Williams sending runners.

Still, the current regime obviously has enough faith in Williams to be the guy at third base. Perhaps with his added managerial experience, Williams might have a different perspective and outlook as to coaching strategies over there.

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Matt Williams is back. Will he help improve the team’s baserunning?