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Diamondbacks fans: Welcome to the new Venom Strikes


Diamondbacks Fans,
The Arizona Diamondbacks have undergone several changes over the last few months that have made seismic waves throughout the baseball world.

The additions of Zack Greinke and Shelby Miller give the team a chance to have its best 1-2 rotation combination since Johnson and Schilling. New uniforms give the team unique 21st century look. The LaRussa-Stewart front office seems to have crafted a plan to make the Diamondbacks contenders. Arizona has certainly come a long way from losing 99 games in 2014.

Much like the Diamondbacks, Venom Strikes is currently undergoing some exciting changes as well. The site is under new management, which will update the site daily with fresh content regarding the D-Backs.

You won’t find more unique content at any other sports site. Venom Strikes will not feature regurgitated opinions from cable and talk radio, secondhand game stories or unsubstantiated rumors. What Venom Strikes will include is a variety of content ranging from breaking news to analysis to historical research that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. We’re even hoping to have some exclusive interviews with some Diamondbacks players. This site will be far more than just a blog—it will be a hub for everything Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Venom Strikes social media experience will be lively as well. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to get the full Venom Strikes experience on your newsfeed. Our pages will feature content that Diamondbacks fans—and baseball fans in general—will wholeheartedly enjoy. From the humorous to the insightful, our pages will provide a social media experience that few will want to miss.

Venom Strikes is going to be the best place on the internet for news, analysis and other fun pieces about the Arizona Diamondbacks this season. Stay tuned, because it’s going to be a great run.

Chris Gaine

Editor, Venom Strikes