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Is Curt Schilling in danger of being fired by ESPN?


Diamondbacks legend and current ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling has had no shortage of run-ins with his current employer. He was suspended last summer for a tweet comparing Islamists to Nazis and was recently removed from his position on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.  He is, however, still employed by ESPN and remains a part of its baseball team.

But are Schilling’s days at the Worldwide Leader numbered?

A form filed with the Federal Election Commission on September 1 indicates that Schilling has job security concerns. The form, which Schilling filed to donate $250 to Dr. Ben Carson’s Republican presidential campaign, lists his employer as “ESPN (not sure how much longer),” and his occupation as “analyst (for now anyway).”

The 2001 World Series MVP’s contract ends later this year, and it would honestly be surprising at this point if ESPN renewed it. He has butted heads with the station several times and his recent demotion seems to all but spell it out.

This situation bears an eerie resemblance Bill Simmons’ messy divorce with ESPN last year. Simmons was suspended several times for comments his bosses did not like and was eventually removed from programming altogether. Simmons eventually took a job with HBO, where he has more creative freedom and his own podcast and TV show.

Whether you agree with Schilling’s conservative politics or not, there is not much room for debate on his postseason heroics. He went 11-2 with a 2.23 ERA in 19 postseason starts– including 4-0 with a 1.14 ERA in seven postseason starts with the Diamondbacks.