D-Backs double their playoff probability by sweeping Phils

The Diamondbacks have doubled their chances at making the playoffs by virtue of sweeping the Phillies, according to FanGraphs’ playoff odds standings.

Fangraphs’ latest playoff probabilities give the Diamondbacks a 0.1 percent chance at winning the division and a 0.9 percent chance at winning the Wild Card. Prior to the series, the Diamondbacks had a 0.1 percent chance at winning the NL West, a 0.4 percent chance at a Wild Card spot, which meant a 0.5 percent overall chance at making the postseason. Cue the meme of Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber.”

This does little to change the Diamondbacks’ long-shot odds at making the playoffs, but the four-game sweep did allow the team to gain a good amount of ground in the standings. The Diamondbacks are now 5.5 games behind the Dodgers for the second Wild Card spot, a full two games better than they were before they headed to Philadelphia.

But this series was so encouraging on so many levels. The offense clicked. Shelby Miller finally looked good. The team is now within a somewhat more attainable distance of the second Wild Card. This series, at the very least, put talk of selling at the deadline on hold for a little bit. At most, it could be a season changer. Nobody thought that the Cavs would come back and win the NBA Finals, right?

Fangraphs’ projections use two season projection systems, Steamer and ZiPS, along with their depth charts to calculate the probability a team has at winning each game left in the season.