July schedule represents golden opportunity for D-Backs

The Diamondbacks look to be ending June surprisingly well, as the team has gone 7-3 in its last 10 games. This includes an impressive four-game sweep in Philadelphia and a one-and-one split in Toronto. Continuing this stretch of good play into July, however, may not be that easy.

The Diamondbacks will have six games against the Giants and Dodgers respectively, and two against the Blue Jays. All in all, Arizona will play 14 of its 24 July games against these teams– the other ten will be played against the Reds, Padres and Brewers. 13 of these 24 games will be played on the road.

By no means is this month going to be easy. But if the Diamondbacks want to get back into contention, this is one that the Diamondbacks cannot afford to slump in. 12 games against the division-leading Giants and Wild Card-leading Dodgers leave the team in a prime spot to pick up ground that they lost in May and early June. The Diamondbacks will especially need to focus on their games against Los Angeles, with whom they trail six games for the second Wild Card.

Good teams also need to capitalize on games against bad teams. They play a three-game set in San Diego from July 4 until the 6th, and don’t play a losing team until they go to Cincinnati on the 22nd. Their four-game set against the Brewers after the Reds series could be a golden opportunity as well, as they could sell Jonathan Lucroy and Ryan Braun before that series.

So in summation: This is going to be a tough month. But if the Diamondbacks can post a winning record in July, they could be a dark horse for the second Wild Card.