Arizona Diamondbacks: Fans pick who they want to win the World Series

By Joseph Jacquez
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 14: Jose Altuve
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 14: Jose Altuve /

The Arizona Diamondbacks were eliminated from the 2017 MLB Postseason at the hands of the Los Angeles Dodgers but who do our readers want to win it all? HINT: (Not LA)

Apparently, there is little love for the National League. Usually, a National League team would root for a fellow league member to win it all, but the Chicago Cubs and Dodgers are not exactly popular among D-backs’ fans.

An overwhelming 76 percent of our readers want the Houston Astros to win the World Series. It is hard to argue with them. They have two of the most exciting players in baseball in MVP front runner Jose Altuve and shortstop phenom Carlos Correa.

On top of that, Dallas Keuchel is easily the most entertaining pitcher in baseball. The lefty’s ability to utilize movement and control to change eye levels and get hitters to swing out of the zone on both sides of the plate defies what pitching is all about these days. In an era where almost every starter is throwing 95-plus, Keuchel represents a nice change of pace.

More than anything, it is hard not to root for the Astros after what happened to the city and the people of Houston after Hurricane Harvey.

Keuchel went seven innings in game one to lead the Astros to a 2-1 win in game one of the ALCS over the Yankees. Justin Verlander one-upped him with nine innings of one-run ball and Houston got him the win in the ninth inning thanks to guess who, Altuve and Correa.

For the other teams, 16 percent of the people chose the Cubs, four percent picked the Yankees and somehow, four percent of the voters picked the Dodgers.

Here are the results for your eyes.

Keep in mind that only 25 people voted. So, if you want to make your voice heard, tweet us @VenomStrikes or respond in the comments section.

Our readers have spoken: GO ASTROS!!!

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