Arizona Diamondbacks: GM Offseason Simulation, Fake Trade 4/4

By TC Zencka
PHOENIX, AZ - MAY 16: Zack Greinke
PHOENIX, AZ - MAY 16: Zack Greinke /
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When the FanSided GM Offseason Simulation officially launched, trade talk started slow – but it didn’t take long to heat up for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

As “simulated” GM Mike Hazen of the Arizona Diamondbacks, we were eager to make contact with as many teams as possible in the Offseason Simulation. Gauging the value of Arizona’s trade chips was easy, but the mandate from Arizona ownership is murky: compete, but lower payroll in the process. Trade discussions launched from unsteady footing such as this dual-purpose plan does not portend a pleasant future in Arizona. Still, we carry on – as many mid-markets do- in our attempt to build a (fake) winner in the desert.

The major question that hangs over the Diamondbacks offseason concerns whether or not a full rebuild is in the works. Zack Greinke and Paul Goldschmidt are the two trade pieces that will make the difference, but for different reasons. For Goldschmidt, GM Mike Hazen needs to get a package of prospects that can help build the foundation of the next winner in Arizona.

For Greinke, the question is more about how much money Hazen can clear from the books, and how much he should clear if it means taking back lesser prospects.

Frankly, heading into this simulation, I did not think we had a chance to move Greinke. Too many teams would be scared off by the over $90MM he is still owed, even if the deal only runs for three more years and he has remained a top starter in the NL.

Because of our skepticism, we didn’t shop him overhard. In fact, we probably didn’t shop him hard enough. When we did finally make a trade, it was because the buying team approached us.