Billy Mays Dies Along With Chances For a Dbacks Pitch

Famed TV Pitchman Billy Mays died in his Tampa, Florida home this morning at the age of 50.  Yet another celebrity death that could have helped the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Here is man that could have sold ice cream and popsicles to Eskimos.  So why couldn’t have he sold fans on the Arizona Diamondbacks.  I’m already a fan of course, but by looking at all the people who come to Dback games dressed as empty seats, the Diamondbacks are in more need of a professional sell job than probably any other major league team not named the Washington Nationals.

Mays energetic pitches were famous.  He always seemed to be one second shy of a an aneurysm.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see that as the reason he passed.  He could get you excited to watch grass grow.  He was that good.  I sense the Diamondbacks missed an opportunity to get fans once again excited about the second worst team in baseball.  Right now, we have nothing else to lay our hats on until the Cardinals get going in a month.

I remember when ABC/ESPN Sports interviewed him on the sidelines during a college football game last season.  I thought that was fantastic.  Who else to get you excited about college football, right?

Now everyone in heaven will be a little peppier today.

“Billy Mays here for Arizona Diamondbacks baseball”.  Ahhh that would have been something great to hear.  R.I.P Billy.

Scott Allen


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  • Natalia

    What a shame Billy. :( May he Rest in peace

  • carly

    Mays was the Michael Jackson of infomercials. There is a related post at

  • travis

    wow, people say that its a little weird with micheal jacksons death this week and billy mays a few days later. they we’re both the age of 50.

    why is everyone dying?

  • brian

    Becuase they die in threes. Farah, Michael, now Billy. I’m gonna miss Billy the most

  • Eric Andreasen

    RE: “He always seemed to be one second shy of a an aneurysm. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that as the reason he passed.”
    EXACTLY! I was thinking exactly the same thing… high blood pressure, heart attack, aneurysm, stroke, something along those lines. It’s kinda sad. I read he was actually quite modest and sensitive to negative attacks against him. More a regular guy than you’d think. Fare thee well, and rest in peace (Mays, not the Diamondbacks!!!). At least he EARNED his money! Can’t knock that… hardworking.

  • Elaine Moore

    We will miss you Billy Mays. Rest In Peace

  • Julian

    um travis. everyone dies. you are saying that just because they are both famous. treat them like they are our own kind

  • Matt

    Your a tastless ass. Why would you use a person’s passing as a segway into a article about empty seats at a sporting event? Seriously. Lame!

  • Em

    thts so sad i will miss his screaming voice ::((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • Rocket 55

    Billy Mays was a hero in his own way. We will miss him.

  • Steve

    I have to say this is a crap article.

  • Milly Bays

    Arizona has sports teams?

  • pitchone4thegipper

    I agree, this probably hits me harder than Farrah, who we knew would go sooner than later, bless her. (I cme into puberty in the 70′s, so you know I loved her, well kind-of). Absolutley harder than Michael, because I was too busy looking for tail, and being hammered to care about the music.

    Billy is the best, and I admired him more when sham-wow-dude was arrested for his shannanigans. Made me realise that Billy was a man that could handle himself. Then I caught one episode of the show “pitch man” last week. Loved it and was recording the rest. I have been cheated. The world has been cheated, and his family has been cheated the most. Damn! And about this Diamond back crap? I am in Texas, and I have no idea who they are. Don’t cheapen Billy the way you are.

  • Dave

    Ed McMahon also died this month… That’s 4 celebs in a row.

  • beans

    brian, while they do say that, but, this time it came in a 4 pack. don’t forget ed mcmahon had died the day before.

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  • On edge no more

    Oh I so hope that I will NOT have to suffer through another one of those commercials with products he shouted about fumbling for the remote to push the mute button even if I was interested in any of the products I could not bring myself to purchase because that shouting rang through my head rising my bp with just the thought of it. Some may think what killed him was all the negative energies directed towards him as he really was not well liked I only came across one person that laughed when he belted out of the speakers and he was a kid. Of course he was not like that in his daily life but damn he was one VERY annoying pitchman, sorry to billy mays fans but I plus many others won’t miss his annoying shouting.

  • On edge no more

    Many blessings to his family and friends may they recover quick from this loss.

  • God

    Shame on you – gets you page views on the back of someone’s early demise.

  • Tiberius

    Actually they seem to have come in sixes this month. You forgot David Carradine & Gale Storm (although lesser known probably due to her era). So we have in no particular order –

    Ed McMahon
    Farah Fawcett
    Michael Jackson
    David Carradine
    Billy Mays &
    Gale Storm

    Let’s also not forget Haitian news presenter Johny Joseph and Desmond Moran, Australian criminal & member of the Moran family.

    Probably forgetting many more. Sorry to those not deemed important enough to remember or talk about.

  • Esurb

    Damn! And I was working on a TV device that would recognize his wretched voice and automatically MUTE the TV for a minute. I would have hyped it with an infomercial turning Mays into a voiceless blessing.

  • chillaxin

    shame on you idiotic blogger

  • Lorenzo G

    I really got into that new show, Pitchmen. To watch Sully, Anthony Sullivan, and Billy Mays and their “Love/Hate” relationship was really entertaining. I actually bought a couple of products that Billy pitched and was quite satisfied with them.

    I’ll miss ya, Billy. Rest in peace.

  • Chris

    sooooooo sad.. I love him. .. such a nice guy….

    i watch his SHOW every single sundy on DVR.. that’s sad… HE IS SOOO NICE . FUNNY.. REST IN PEACE.

    THAT’S A BIIIIG LOST ! … my husband and I will miss you billy..

  • azscott

    Sure I did the post because of his death – but only because I liked the guy. I thought he was great and I truly do think he could have sold fans on the Dbacks. He was that good.

  • http://google miriam ware

    I was shoched to hear the news about Billie Mays. I had just spoke of him a few days ago about how loudly he delivered his commercials. God bless his family.

  • davidwf

    I can never lower the volume fast enough when he starts yelling his commercials. How do people stand it???? Like fingernails on a chalkboard!

  • ChicagoKat

    I used to be annoyed by his commercials until I saw his show Pitchmen. We were hooked immediately. He is a very funny guy. Now I laugh when I hear him shouting at me from the TV. Love & Light Billy

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