Calls to Boycott Dbacks Due to Arizona Illegal Immigration Law

So, you may have heard about the new Illegal Immigration bill that was passed in the Arizona Legislature and signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer last Friday.  Senate Bill 1070.  God knows I’ve been deep in it.  My wife even had her hands on the bill minutes after Governor Brewer signed it.  She works in the Arizona Secretary of State’s office.  Now comes word there are protests being organized all along the country wherever the Arizona Diamondbacks play.  My question is, why? 

Regardless of how you feel, no matter which side of the fence you are on with this issue, no matter how much protesters try, boycotting a Diamondbacks game in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, New York, no matter where the Dbacks play, does nothing to hurt the Diamondbacks nor the state of Arizona.  It’s a waste of time.  Let’s talk about why.

First of all, the Arizona Diamondbacks have nothing to do with the law, which doesn’t even become law until this summer after 90 days and that’s if none of the legal challenges pushes through.  Then there is word today it could be 2012 before this bill could become law. 

Secondly, all you are doing by protesting at other ballparks and boycotting games is hurting the home team, not the traveling Diamondbacks.  Think about it.  First, boycotting isn’t going to change the law.  It isn’t going to repeal the law.  The governing officials won’t be there and have no stake in Diamondbacks games.  What protesters and boycotters will be doing in essence, is hurting their home team.  Boycotting hurts the home team gate receipts.  In fact, one could argue from the Dbacks perspective is go ahead, boycott.  The fewer fans to listen to in road games, the better.  You do nothing to hurt the Dbacks. 

There are many ways to protest the Arizona law.  This isn’t the way.  I understand the sentiment but if someone with half a brain would think about this, and an intelligent person would, you bring the protest to Arizona, not a ballpark 2,000 miles away where the team from Arizona won’t even know the difference.  Pittsburgh, yeah your absence won’t be felt.  Don’t you get like 112 fans a game anyway?  The Chicago Cubs will never see a boycott.  Remember, fans there are die hard.  They go to games in 15 degress and snow and 105 with 90 percent humidity, no matter how bad they are.  Boycott in Philly?  Never.  In fact, the opposite will happen.  You will just find more people to show up to heckle the Dbacks and their state laws.  Same will happen in Los Angeles.  Smart people in those cities will show up. 

See, boycotting just won’t fly.  Now, it might happen locally and that would hurt the Dbacks.  No one is going anyway and the true Dbacks fans would never boycott the team no matter the local laws.  So, let’s stop all this talk about protesting and boycotting the Arizona Diamondbacks.  It’s a waste of time, a waste of breath, just a plain waste.  There are better ways to be heard. 

Scott Allen

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  • http://hotmail Ricardo Flores

    It may seem unfair but until Arizona changes this law. All of Arizona is off limits.

  • Alex

    I am boycotting any thing that has to do with Arizona.

  • ron

    Sorry boycott includes the diamondbacks. If only to raise awareness. I hope Latino MLB players join in as well

  • azscott

    You can boycott all you want. I’m not telling anyone not to. It’s your right to do so in this country. Just trying to state my opinion I believe boycotting/picketting the Dbacks on the road is a waste of time. You only hurt your own team. If you normally don’t go to the games anyways, would anyone really miss you? Nope.

  • Jason

    The point of boycotting at their home ballpark is two fold:

    1. To raise awareness to the blatantly racist “law”.

    2. Lower attendance everywhere will affect the Diamondbacks because of revenue sharing. You may not have noticed, the D-backs don’t draw like they used to.

    Furthermore, the negative effects on other owners may manifest itself into collective pressure from the MLB as a whole. What if the pressure became so great that the MLB would choose to move the Cactus League to somewhere not so racist? What if they moved the Arizona Fall League?

    If you think this kind of pressure can’t/won’t come about, I would just remind you it was the denial of the Super Bowl that forced Arizona to recognize MLK day.

  • azscott

    Jason -
    Moving the Cactus League out of Arizona would be an effective boycott. You make my point in #2. The Dbacks don’t draw like they used to, you’re right – so is anyone really going to notice why you aren’t at the game in the first place? Nope! MLB can do what they want. Boycotting MLB games in which the Dbacks play in on the road won’t do a damn thing. Here in AZ – yes.

  • lisa

    what is wrong with u people its not up to them what are stuped state does to what do you guy hate sports what next suns football and hockey get real take to the capital

  • Jason

    “Boycotting MLB games in which the Dbacks play in on the road won’t do a damn thing.” – False. In 2002, revenue sharing was modified per the collective bargaining agreement. Each club puts in 34% of their Net Local Revenue each year, and then the pool is divided evenly between all of the clubs. Boycotting on the road would hurt the D-backs.

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  • Scott

    Jason – if people aren’t already going though to watch the Dbacks, as you clearly stated in your first point, ok, sure revenue sharing is hurt, but boycotting isnt the only reason why people aren’t going. You just don’t get it. Boycott away. The Arizona Diamondbacks will be visiting your city for years to come, whether you like it or not.

  • Jason

    “boycotting isnt the only reason why people aren’t going” – I concur, but would you not agree that if there were an active boycott (nobody is boycotting yet) that even fewer people would attend and revenue would be reduced further?

    “The Arizona Diamondbacks will be visiting your city for years to come…” – I concur, however that was not the argument, nor is it the intent, of a boycott. In fact, if the team stopped travelling to other cities it would actually diminish the effectiveness of a boycott.

  • Jakson

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  • Brandon

    Really you people are stupid. This is why America is falling apart cause of dumb people like all of you “boycotters”. Most people in az are against this bill anyways so how is hurting American families well being the way to go? Boycotting a baseball team is one of the dumbest thing I have ever heard. If you want to oppose a LAW then take it to the government not the people idiots. You people are a disgrcace and this is coming from a college student who hopes America can come back to her senses. People please lay off ypur crack pipes.

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  • http://hotmail Ricardo Flores

    Mom how come there are no Hispanics watching the diamond backs at there stadium. Were scared mijo. Even though we got papers.

  • azscott

    Brandon, thanks for chiming in. I wouldn’t call people stupid, but ignorant. You are right, boycotting baseball really will not be effective. I personally do not like the new law, but let’s be realistic about it. It’s really not much different than the enforcement that already takes place on our streets by our county sheriff. Oh, and actually a poll came out that 70% of Arizonans do support the new law. You only hear about the ones against it.

  • Jason

    Brandon, the people are the government last I checked.

    Scott, I’m a little concerned because you keep saying that a boycott of baseball would be ineffective despite evidence (revenue sharing, fewer people attending games results in lower revenue, whatever the reason and the pressure by the NFL on Arizona regarding the MLK holiday and the Super Bowl) to the contrary. Are there any other reasons why you still claim that a boycott would be ineffective?

    Furthermore, because 70% of people are “ignorant” (the language you use to classify people with whom you don’t agree) of the Constitution, does not make it legal or moral.

  • azscott

    Jason, again you don’t clearly read my comments. I didn’t call 70% of people ignorant. I said 70% supported the law. The ones protesting at baseball games in Chicago and soon to be other cities are the ignorant ones. You must work for the media because you do a GREAT job of twisting people’s words.

  • Jason

    I didn’t say you said 70% of people ignorant. I stated that you call people with whom you don’t agree, ignorant:

    “Brandon, thanks for chiming in. I wouldn’t call people stupid, but ignorant.”

    Those are your words, not mine. Have you any other argument to support your claim that a boycott of baseball would be ineffective?

  • azscott

    Do you have anything to show it would be effective? Don’t bring up the stupid revenue sharing, it’s a very weak argument. Listen, I get your stance. I’m against it too. There are just right ways and wrong ways going about making your voice heard.

  • Jason

    I do have things to show that a boycott would be effective and it’s called history and precedence. Boycotts work, that is why people participate in them. And I am not sure how revenue sharing is weak, unless you are taking the position that fewer people going to games doesn’t effect the revenue stream.

    I agree that there is a right and a wrong way to make your voice heard, however, you have yet to justify why a boycott is not one of the right ways.

  • azscott

    Certain boycotts are effective. I just think boycotting Dbacks games in other cities is not the answer. I don’t think your voice gets heard.

  • Jason

    “I just think boycotting Dbacks games in other cities is not the answer. I don’t think your voice gets heard.” – And yet you fail to provide any reason why you “think” this way.