Two Cents on Brian Sabean's Comments About Buster Posey Injury

It seems the San Francisco Giants have themselves a distraction, as their general manager Brian Sabean gave the Giants an out should they blow the division lead and give it to someone say like the Arizona Diamondbacks.  We all know what happened just under two weeks ago when Giants catcher Buster Posey was barreled over by Florida Marlins rookie outfielder Scott Cousins at home plate, thus injuring Posey and ending his season.  Some people, namely Sabean, just couldn't keep their comments to themselves and it is unfortunate.

Sabean has always come off as a smart guy to me up until this week.

if I never hear from Cousins again, or he doesn't play another day in the big leagues, I think we'll all be happy - Brian Sabean

Wow.  For a general manager to come out with those comments, especially against Cousins, who is receiving daily death threats, on a play that was LEGAL to begin with, is mind-boggling.  I realize the emotions are running high and it is a shock to lose such a great player, however, the comments were un-called for.

Sabean later retracted, a bit, and said he reached out to Cousins to apologize, however he only did so with Major League Baseball breathing down his neck.  You don't come out with comments like that unless there is some truth behind those feelings.  Even other catchers, such as former Cincinnati Reds great Johnny Bench, said it was a good play on Cousins part and actually Posey was at fault for his positioning up against home plate.  I couldn't agree more.

These plays have been happening for years.  I guarantee you if a Giants player bowled over the Marlins catcher, say John Buck, the Giants wouldn't be crying foul to the league office asking for the rules to be changed.  If any rules get changed because of this one play, then in my mind, baseball loses all credibility in my mind.  The rule has been the same forever.  The runner stayed in the running path and the catcher was in his way.  He didn't maliciously hurt the catcher.  Legal play.  There should be end of story.  Period.

Stuff like this happens.  If it happened to Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero, sure I would be upset, but also would realize the play is legal and Montero set himself up for destruction just as Posey did against the Marlins.  Let's hope nothing is changed because of this tragic play because that's all it was, tragic....but legal.

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  • cathi

    I totally agree.. thats part of baseball just like when a runner bares down to hreak up a double play. Sabean is upset cuz posey was his best player. Seems to me he doesnt have much faith in the rest of the team. I dont see the astros crying when roberts took out their catcher.. also if memory serves me correctly did the same thing happen to our dbacks catcher koyie hill several yrs back. He ended up with a broken foot.

  • Dave Biagini

    The rule needs to be changed. They don’t allow a runner to run over the first baseman do they. If the catcher doesn’t give the runner a clear path to the plate it’s a different story. Cousins crossed the line and may have ended Posey’s career as a catcher. Sabean is pissed and needed to let the world know and I frankly don’t blame him.

    • MSE

      The rules don’t allow the first baseman to stand in the baseline blocking the runner, either. Posey got in the way (without the ball, yet) and got pancaked. I’m sorry he’s hurt, but Cousins did absolutely nothing wrong, and Sabean is a whiny idiot.

  • don landes

    Re: the Scott Cousins hit on Posey. I disagree. Posey was not blocking the
    plate. He was out in front of the plate, giving at least 2/3 of the plate clear.
    The runner had a clear choice to hook slide the outside of the plate or
    hit the catcher. In fact if you look at the play, the runner actually altered
    his direction slightly in order to hit the catcher. So much so, that he missed
    the plate. (He came back to touch the plate) It may of been “legal”, but the runner
    had a clear choice; and he didn’t just collide, he cranked up and really let
    him have it, full bore, football style. Legal, but unnecessary…..

    • drew

      If it was anyone other than Posey this debate would not be happening. And how often do catchers get this hurt on plays at home? Compare that with how many times pitchers get hurt from line drives? Or throwing cuveballs and having to get tommy john surgery? Should they outlaw pitchers pitching too because they get hurt too? Clean play. Sorry it happened…but the giants and everyone else needs to move on!

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  • Scott Allen

    Drew is right. This isn’t a debate at all if it’s not Buster Posey we are talking about. If Johnny Bench thinks it was a clean play and Buster was in the way and is at fault, that’s good enough for me coming from a HOF catcher.

  • Ivie

    There’s a problem with the Bench comment. POSEY WAS NOT BLOCKING THE PLATE.