Jul. 8, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA: Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig (66) celebrates with teammates following the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I'm Not Impressed By Yasiel Puig

If you follow me on the Twitter @realcmoff18, you’ve probably come to realize how I feel about Yasiel Puig. I’ve been following the game of baseball for 20 years, and I know the way it should and shouldn’t be played. Puig does not play this game right. I don’t really care that the guy can hit a baseball to Pasadena, or that he signs autographs as he is walking to the plate to hit. There is more to the game of baseball than speed and power. Yasiel Puig lacks most of the intangibles of the game. Things such as character, integrity, and respect are lacking. As members of the public, we don’t really know what type of guy Puig is in the clubhouse. What we do know is that he has had heated conversations with Juan Uribe because Juan was trying to give him advice on dealing with the media. That’s fine, it’s not like Uribe has been in the league for 50 years and has learned the in’s and out’s…..I’m not buying this act by Puig that he doesn’t like the media because “the team deserves to be asked questions too.” That’s crap. You’re a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, so you better handle the media in Hollywood. By avoiding the spotlight, he is finding the spotlight.

This is Puigs’ “I just fouled out on the first pitch” face. Image: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I understand that Puig has only been in the league for 20 minutes, but there needs to be a level of professionalism. Every at-bat tonight, Puig was looking out at Kennedy because he got walked and he was mad. Usually Puig is swinging at the first pitch of the at-bat, so walks should be embraced by him and his team. Puig does not respect this game or his team. Yasiel missed that ball in right center tonight and threw his glove when he got up. Seriously? This isn’t the Little League World Series. If Puig throws his glove like that again, he won’t get a Capri Sun and a pack of Gushers after the game from the team mom. When Puig isn’t throwing his mitt, he is getting thrown out by 60 feet at home plate after running through a stop sign. Not to mention, after getting thrown out, he tried to push Miggy. Really? That play tonight was evidenvce that there is no baseball instincts in Puigs’ head. Yasiel Puig doesn’t coach the Dodgers, and he has a lot of learning to do. I get very frustrated with young players who feel a sense of entitlement, and that people should bow to them. As far as I’m concerned, Puig hasn’t earned anything, especially not an All-Star spot…..

A lot of people are comparing Puig to Bryce Harper. Although both are these lightning-in-a-bottle young stars, Harper has gone about his career differently. I respect Bryce Harper and I respect the way he plays baseball. Both Puig and Harper play all out, but Harper has better baseball smarts and he knows how to control his out of controlness (that’s not a word). I remember back when Harper was in the minors, he pimped a home run when he was playing with the Hagerstown Suns and got ripped for it. It only took one incident like that for Harper to grow up. Puig still has to grow up and play the game with some integrity.

Puig should:

  • Stop eyeing pitchers that won’t throw to you
  • Take advice from players and not get mad about it (Either was showing his some technique the other day and Puig wasn’t having it)
  • Take professional at-bats and develop some baseball instinct
  • For the love of God, please stop throwing your glove in the outfield!

The D’backs have just lost game 2 of the series, and will try and salvage one tomorrow. #votefreddie

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  • Stacie Wheeler

    I laughed at the Capri Sun line, but seems you are a bit jealous of Puig’s influence on this team’s turnaround. Sure, he’s immature and has a lot to learn, but I’ve only seen him throw his glove down once. He was mad at himself for not making the play, and I for one love his aggressiveness and all-out style of play. Ian Kennedy deserves more than just an evil eye by the way.

    • Christian Moffett

      Of course I’m jealous! I prefer that the Dodgers stay 12-19 GB of Arizona at all times

      • Al

        At least you’re big enuff to admit it. I’ll give you credit. That’s the first step in getting help! Lol

      • LasordasLair

        You couldn’t be more wrong Chrisitan. You have no idea what is going on inside the Dodger clubhouse or dugout. This article is dripping with jealousy. It is scathing with bitterness. And I love it. Your jealousy is what keeps me warm inside on cold nights.
        FYI, Puig has been a delight within the Dodger clubhouse. He has been nothing but nice and caring, and humble within the clubhouse. All of the Dodger players and Mattingly have taken Puig under their wings to teach him as much as they can. he is learning from everyone. Sometimes he can be too aggressive and when that happens, mattingly and the coaches have taken him aside and talked to him. Sometimes he is almost too passionate. His pounding of the ground last night after missing a catch was his passion for success. He was angry at himself for missing the catch, nothing more.
        He had quite a journey jsut to get into the US. He is also a very religious man. Before every at-bat he carves something into the dirt when he is standing in the on deck circle. Apparently from talking to the other writers, it is a tribute to god.
        There is so much more to Puig than just his amazing and incredible talents. He is a humble complex, and passionate man who loves to play Baseball. Puig is here to stay, and the Dodgers are going all the way this year, and there is not a damm thing you can do to stop them. You best get used to it.

  • Ryan Ritchey

    I agree with one hundred perfect of what you just wrote. Not to mention he pimps every ball he puts in play by flipping his bat before leaving the box!

    • Tim Rands

      One hundred perfect huh? You write about as well as the author of the article.

      • Ryan Ritchey


  • Sameer Jain

    I’m not very impressed with your writing skills or analysis……Your lack of knowledge is astounding. First off, he is definitely better than anybody on the Diamondbacks current roster. He’s eyeing Kennedy, yeah I wonder why??

    Baseball instinct? Please!

    The fact that you are even comparing his demeanor to Harper’s means you have no idea how differently the 2 grew up. Please read up on that you might be enlightened. Harper has been coddled and pampered while growing up in this country while Puig literally tried to escape on a boat from horrible living conditions. Harper had a head start on etiquette and manners, which Puig will learn quickly since the LA media runs a microscope over everything.

    To equate lack of manners with no baseball instinct or talent is simply ignorant.

    You claim you’ve been watching baseball 20 years, I would think that amount of time would be sufficient to at least understand the game

    • Christian Moffett

      It doesn’t matter how each player grew up. That means nothing right now. A head start on manners?! Please. Lack of manners translates to a lack of professionalism.

  • Rhonda Wood

    I have been watching baseball since the days of Kolfax and Drysdale, playing for my beloved Dodgers, that would be about 50 years! Yasiel Puig is best thing to happen for the Dodgers since Fernando! No.1 he plays the game ALL OUT, ALL the TIME! No.2 do you have a problem with Kennedy, trying to take Puig’s and Zack’s head off, is that proper baseball, in your opinion? MLB did not think so, the Diamondbacks started this bad blood, with this stupid macho, throwing at players on purpose!! No. 3, I took my son to Camden Yards, to see the Dodgers play Baltimore In April, this team was dead, no life, no spirit, a last place club, until they brought PUIG up from AA ball, he has showed the Dodgers how to play the game, all out all the time! Get used to it Diamondback, Padre, Giant, Rockies, fans, he’s here to stay! Write some stories about this kids desire to get out of Castro’s Cuba, and what he went through, to get here, in this age of PEDS, this kid is a breath of fresh air!

  • AaronKnuckleCurve

    Was George Brett not nutty and fire filled? Clemons? Isn’t there a fair amount of racism goin on here? He stared down Kennedy, not because he got walked, but because the ‘perfect manners’ Kennedy, who is a punk, tried to hit him in the face. Now don’t get all crazy on me, we have Greinke, who is a major punk. And he’s on my team! I’ll admit it. But back to Puig. Yes, he needs to grow up. But he’s not an anathema. He didn’t miss the fly ball to right either. He laid out for it going about 20 miles an hour.

    • Christian Moffett

      Pulling the racism card? What? Why? I have nothing but negative things to say about Greinke, and he’s white. I also think Belisario is a jerk, and he’s from Venezuela. So, I mean, the racism argument makes about zero sense. However, I do agree that Kennedy helped write the book on “how to be a punk.”

      • SteveKnuckleSlurve

        Here’s where the racism card makes sense in your blog: You LIKE Bryce Harper… but not Puig.

        Even Gibby likes Puig. I sense much butt-hurt in you.

  • Tim Rands

    Definitely not impressed with this article. Terrible writing skills and little knowledge of the game. P.S. I am a Giants fan so you must really suck.

  • Jeff Wiser

    Can I get that Capri Sun and I def want those gushers! Team mom, you’re the best!

  • John Tenney

    Nicely done! I agree that he is good, and has unpolished talent. He needs to do some serious growing up in baseball before being considered as one of the potential greats of the game. It’s funny, baseball is the only game where our Heroes are men who fail 7-out-of-10 times. Good work!

  • Deven Morgan

    The hate is strong with this one

    You wrote: “Yasiel missed that ball in right center tonight and threw his glove when he got up.”

    Come on man. The dude absolutely laid out to get that ball, and had he made the catch it’s nationwide highlight material. Puig expects to make every play, hit every ball, steal every base. And the problem with that approach is what exactly?

  • Al

    This article defines what’s wrong with baseball today. You have people who want the sport to stay stale. Any little excitement drives the”purist” crazy! I too don’t believe in entitlement for players,however in the real world?it happens. Puig will mature and if the bat flip never goes away? The game of baseball will survive.

  • Roger Lewis Harrison

    Of course Puig is a bit rough around the edges. He’s in his early 20′s. He plays ALL out ALL the time. He makes errors and is headstrong. This is to be expected.

    He reminds me a young Kobe. Supremely talented, cocky and a very hard worker. We’ll take it!

  • Daniel Aragues

    The writer writes with a mixture of petty irritation, jealously, and biased reporting.

  • Eddie Toro

    with all respect let me bring up to your attention the fact that the young men was picked up in high waters a total of12 times with no water and or food thathe was also suspended from baseball in cuba in other words he had no means of supporting his family what does this got to do wityh this comment? the fact that hes actually human and theres probably a lot in his mind to really understand what he has done fotr the game wich is the excitement of hustle, like pete rose , get it? i dont know your background but i was a pitcher in the pirates system in 83-84 played american legion with robert and sandy alomar and omar olivares and santos alomar made me a pitcher so i know a little bit of pro ball, people like you makes baseball boring wich is the reason why baseball has been in a downfall lately, watch the tampa rays with their low payroll and realize what they have accomplished about Puig ? it been a long wait for someone like him to show up, even if he wears dodger blue, thanks and godbless

  • D1Prospect

    It was a little difficult to understand your grammatically flawed diatribe but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that English is your second language. No idea what an “un-tangible” is but it is apparent that your understanding of baseball mirrors your writing skills.

    Respect is earned, not guaranteed by longevity. Kennedy has no right to expect respect from any Dodger following the Puig/Grienke head-hunting incidents. It’s all very well to hide behind over-zealous umpires but rest assured that the only thing Kennedy has earned is the right to get a fastball on his ear flap when the time is right.

    Ironically, Yasiel Puig’s style of play is a return to the hard-nosed, no compromises styles of players from bygone eras. Puig has every right to taunt Kennedy into overcoming his fears and pitching somewhere near the strike zone. He would be remiss if he didn’t show frustration when failing to make a catch – we have enough complacent overpaid superstars who call it in every night.

    Puig is currently a four-tool player; he hits for average; he hits for power; he exhibits Major League speed; has plus, plus throwing ability; and web gem fielding abilities. He does make some questionable base-running decisions but then again, he has only been in the Major Leagues for the proverbial 20 minutes.

    I reject your appeal for Puig to forgo his passion and the skills mentioned above for the primary ingredients in a recipe for baseball mediocrity i.e. character, integrity, and respect. I would prefer that he continue to play the game with the fervor of someone like….well, ex-Dodger Kirk Gibson.

  • Christian Moffett

    Typical Dodgers fans–always wanting to fight. There is no in-between with Puig. You either love him or you hate him. Every argument I’ve heard is just a homer supporting their player. Some of these arguments don’t even make sense. If you guys want to chat about heart-warming “breaking out of the slums” stories in sports, we’d be talking all year. This article isn’t a biography. Puigs’ past is unorthodox, but it’s no excuse to act like a idiot on the field. Respect the game and all that it has to offer

    • SteveKnuckleSlurve

      Respect the game? Puig is all about the game. It’s Montero, Kennedy and Luis Gonzalez he doesn’t respect. I am fine with that.

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