Jul 8, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer (47) pitches during the second inning against the New York Yankees at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Bauer and Skaggs Haunt the Diamondbacks From Afar

Depression set in for me yesterday afternoon and it wasn’t because there is only one episode of 24 left. I looked at the pitching matchups for the day’s games and noticed that both Trevor Bauer and Tyler Skaggs were pitching for the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angels respectively. Bauer outpitched Masahiro Tanaka in the Tribe’s 5-3 victory over the New York Yankees while Skaggs gave up three earned runs over 6 2/3 innings as the Halos lost 4-0 to the Toronto Blue Jays. While I am unsure if it was the first time the pitchers started on the same day, it nevertheless represented a painful reminder that both gentlemen are not with the team that gave them their Major League debuts, the Arizona Diamondbacks.

If you can, forget for a moment who the two youngsters were dealt for. Both Didi Gregorius and Mark Trumbo were dealt to Arizona, through no fault of their own. As a fan, don’t be upset with these two players if they fail to live up to expectations. Save your wrath for the man who made these deals, general manager Kevin Towers. The most painful part of seeing Bauer and Skaggs in different cities is knowing how bright the future of the D’backs would be if both players were still here. Would they have made a significant difference in the team’s dismal 2014 record? Instead of 16 games under .500, would they be 10 games under .500? It wouldn’t be much of a impact in the standings. However, you would feel a whole lot better knowing that you have two pitchers less than 24 years old and have had (barring injury) somewhere between 35 and 40 Major League starts anchoring the rotation as the page turns to 2015. Instead of Skaggs and Bauer looking to help the Snakes into playoff contention next year, you have question marks galore. You can’t expect Patrick Corbin to return to All-Star form on April 1st; doing so would be extremely foolish. Ditto for Bronson Arroyo, who may come back next year but only be effective beginning in August. Who knows what you are going to get from Wade Miley. While they have shown flashes of brilliance, can you really count on Mike Bolsinger and Chase Anderson for an entire year? All of these concerns could have been avoided if KT could have shown a little more patience with what were his top two prospects. Now, you have many folks wondering if management needs to scrap the whole team and build from scratch. What a shame it would be to have Paul Goldschmidt waste his prime years during a rebuilding project.

One can only hope Archie Bradley and Braden Shipley can make fans forget about Trevor Bauer and Tyler Skaggs. Maybe Gregorius and Trumbo can help the team and perform well enough to mitigate the sting we feel whenever we see Bauer and Skaggs take the hill somewhere other than Chase Field. However, the thought of those two youngsters having productive careers in other places might be a wound that may never fully heal.



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  • Richard Daniels

    While I agree that losing Skaggs was a mistake, if you look at Bauer’s stats and mourn his loss, you are a moron and just looking for an excuse to complain about present management. If you truly look at Bauer’s history, you will see these pertinent facts. He was called up in 2012 and couldn’t keep his pitch count down. He was asked to change his pitching mentality and pitch more to contact instead of trying to strike out every batter. HE REFUSED. He was sent back down to the minors to think about it and when he still wouldn’t change his approach, he was traded. He began his career in Cleveland with the same attitude and was finally convinced by the Indian organization to either change of languish in the minors. The ONLY reason that he is remotely successful now is that he spent all of 2013 revamping his pitching style and attitude. The simple fact is that if he had not been traded, he would still be the same 4 inning pitcher that he was in Arizona. We had Upton, we don’t need any more prima donas in Arizona.

    • Tom Lynch

      Tell me again how it was wise to give up on a 21-year old kid who needed to grow up a little? He couldn’t revamp his pitching style and attitude in Arizona? How come the Indian organization got through to him but the D’back one didn’t? Was it the approach the respective figureheads took to him? All of those are important questions which we will never get an answer to. I don’t know how you can think this team is in a better spot with Trevor Bauer in another uniform and think that he needed to be traded in order to be sent a message. That’s on management.

      I don’t look for an excuse to blame management. These two pitchers that should still be here started games on the same day in different cities. Sorry if it doesn’t bother you as much as it does me.

      • http://dbacks.com/ redprimey

        I think the bottom line is that there has to be a clear message throughout the organization on how to develop these players right from the start. I think all of these problems stem from lack of vision from the organization. These “prima donnas” emerge because the Dbacks forget who is the one signing the checks. I had high hopes for both of these starters and yeah it stings to see them having any sort of success anywhere else, but we can play that song to Scherzer and CarGo too. yay, go dbacks… :/

  • Robert Erickson

    While I agree that we should have given both of these prospects more time, their numbers this year certainly are mediocre at best. I’m not convinced either pitcher will ever be more than a #3 starter. Having said all that, I would certainly be more excited with them in the rotation as opposed to Mike Bolsinger and Chase Anderson. I dislike the amount of attention Arizona analysts and sports writers spend on all of these players that they see doing well in hindsight. Part of it is because I know there is a lot of truth to it, but a lot of it is because I think most people just want to see KT go. It makes for easy sports talk radio and journalism. In conclusion, I know there is a lot of truth in all these types of articles, but I think it’s time we just move forward with the present. We know KT is more than likely gone at the end of this year anyway. Just my two cents.

    • Tom Lynch

      I wrote this because seeing those two names pitching on the same night struck a nerve. It has nothing to do with wanting to see anyone in management get let go. KT has made his share of good moves (Hill and Ziegler come to mind) and sometimes he takes too much heat. I’d like a do over on these two.

      I would rather concentrate on the 69 games the team has left and what lies for the future. I look forward to Owings coming off the DL and seeing if Peralta could keep up his strong play in the outfield.