BREAKING: Manager A.J. Hinch and GM Josh Byrnes Fired


It’s time to rejoice in Arizona Diamondbacks land people!

The Arizona Diamondbacks have fired manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Josh Byrnes in moves that Dbacks fans have been clamoring for over the past couple of months.

Bench coach Kirk Gibson has been named interim manager and director of player personnel Jerry Dipoto has been named interim general manager.

Let me say this first before we gloat.  Two men are out of a job and now must find another way to provide for their families.  Let’s not forget the families behind these men.  That being said, this is a business and everyone understands that.  This is a “win now” business and the job wasn’t being done.  Hinch was not a favorite of many fans from the beginning when he was hired last season to replace Bob Melvin.  Byrnes was a popular hire as GM because of his time in Boston as an assistant GM.

Quickly though, both fell out of favor with the public.  Hinch went 89-123 in his time in managing the team.

A few weeks ago team president Derek Hall indicated changes would be made.  It took a little longer than some of us would have liked to see, but clearly these are the right moves.  Hinch was unable to bring energy and emotion to a group that could use quite a bit of both.  Byrnes made a couple of good decisions, namely Dan Haren and Kelly Johnson, but for the most part made questionable decisions.  Just look at the relief pitching or lack thereof.  The off-season free agent signings were a bust.  The team has held on to falling stars longer than they should have.  The team abandoned retiring stars before making amends (Luis Gonzalez).  Not that that was all Byrnes’s fault.  However he can be blamed for Eric Byrnes.  He can be blamed for many moves.  Fact is most didn’t work and his time to go passed before the season even began.

We’ll see what happens now, but can things get any worse?  I doubt it.