The Final Homestand


It’s almost as good as the Final Countdown – you know, the famous song from Europe?  It is amazing that we have finally comedown to the final six home games of the season.  After getting swept in Pittsburgh against the lowly Pirates, you have to wonder how this team will respond coming home and having a day off in between?  September has not treated the Arizona Diamondbacks or their fans very well.

You must wonder how many will show up this week as empty seats?  Against the Colorado Rockies the next three nights, I would expect to see a lot of green, as in empty green seats.  With the Fandemonium weekend against the Los Angeles Dodgers coming up, I would expect to see some larger crowds, but who knows?

The Dbacks have 12 games left.  They still need four victories in order to avoid 100 losses.  What seemed a certainty when September began now has cast a shadow of doubt.  I’m not sure with the way this team has played over the past couple of weeks if they have four victories in them?  You would think so, but that means going 4-8 against the division, one that has not been very kind to the Dbacks this season.

What might even be more interesting is the decision looming over the choice of the next GM for the Dbacks.  If the Dbacks go Kevin Towers, it might be all over for Kirk Gibson after the season ends.  If Jerry DiPoto is selected, Gibson is probably safe.  One thing is clear to me either way though, most of this team has appeared to just be playing out the season, going through the motions.  They play hard here and there, but their hardest just isn’t good enough.  It certainly wasn’t this past weekend and that is very disappointing to see.

I just hope they can put on a show these last two weeks.  Dig deep down and soul search.  If any of these guys want to be on this team next  season and I think that pretty much includes everyone, this is the time to show they care.  if they go out losing, fine, but at least show some heart.  You don’t get swept by the Pirates and say with a straight face you played hard and played with heart.  No way.

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