D’backs Manager Kirk Gibson Sells His Historic Items


Remember that bat Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson used as a player for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1988 World Series, you know, the bat that hit the historic home run we all will remember forever?  Gibson hit the home run, hobbled by injury.  It was the only plate appearance he had the entire series.  Well, that bat, was just sold at auction for $575,912.40.  He also sold several other items for his charity, the Kirk Gibson Foundation.

What are the odds Gibby has anything else in the storage room he could sell and help out the D’backs in securing a few good men?  Now that he has helped out his foundation, maybe he can help out the Dbacks build their new foundation.  Also, his batting helmet from the 1988 World Series went for $153, 388.80.  Those two items alone could shore up a decent reliever for a year.

Now, please understand, I think it is a wonderful thing he did in raising money for his foundation.  Takes a strong, giving man to sell such memorable, personal items for such a good cause.  That’s what makes Gibby a special person and what makes him probably the right man for the D’backs managerial position.  He is a man of courage, strength and compassion. That’s why I think players will respond to him.

Now we only have to get player to completely buy into his way of playing.  You could see at times during the last couple of months of the season they didn’t completely buy in, but slowly but surely, they came around.  Those that didn’t, well, won’t be around in 2011.

I only joke about Gibby selling his items to help out the D’backs, but in reality the D’backs may need all the help they can get.  I read on ESPN yesterday that the D’backs should sit out free-agency.  I think they are crazy.  The farm system for the Dbacks isn’t what it used to be.  Parden the pun, but the D’backs have already given some of the best the farm had to offer, away.  That’s not to say the cupboard is bare, but right now the cupboard is stocked with store brand soup, not the Campbell’s Soup we’ve all come to know and love.

Congrats to Gibby for raising funds for his foundation.  I think it’s a wonderful thing he did.  I’m not so sure I could part with such items, but when it comes to helping others out, is there really ever a question?  For Kirk Gibson, there wasn’t.