When it Comes to the D’backs, I am Thankful for. . .


I am thankful for many things in my life. One of them is the Arizona Diamondbacks. They may not be very good right now, but I am still thankful for all of the following reasons . . .

I am thankful for the D'backs giving me cheap (somewhat cheap) entertainment in the summer time when there is very little else to do.

I am thankful for the D'backs going and picking up a real general manager in Kevin Towers.

I am thankful for the D'backs organization.  Without them, I may not have had a wedding nine years ago.  I had my first date, I proposed, and got married all at Chase Field during a D'backs game (back when it was known as Bank One Ballpark).

I am thankful for the D'backs giving my three-year old son tons of joy.  Chris Young is his favorite player and Justin Upton is his "buddy".

I am thankful for the D'backs and their bobblehead giveaways.  Now I know which games to NEVER go to again.

I am thankful for General Managing Partner Ken Kendrick.  Without him, I'd not have anyone to be critical in the front office.

I am thankful for Bob Brenly.  He brought us our only World Championship and probably was one of the worst moves this organization made when they fired him.  Not his fault they stripped him of any talent on the field.

I am thankful for the value menu.  It sure saves a lot of money when it comes to spending on the little one.

I am thankful for everyplace I've had a chance to sit in at Chase Field.  Places like the Homerun Porch, the Home Plate Suites, the Press Box Suite, the All You Can Eat Section, and the bleachers.  Someday, someday, I will get into that pool!

I am thankful for Luis Gonzalez.  A class act when he was a player and continues to be a class act as a member of the D'backs front office.

Last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for all of my family, friends, and you the readers and fans.  Without any of you, I could not have the inspiration to write about my favorite baseball team and share my thoughts.  Thank you for being positive, thank you for being critical.  Just, thank you!  I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!