You Should be Ashamed If…


The Arizona Diamondbacks certainly have had their moments.  Moments of heartache, moments of frustration, and now more recently moments of joy.  We've all experienced each emotion if you've been following the Dbacks closely over the past couple of years.  It would have been easy to turn your backs on these Dbacks, but I've stuck with them and hopefully you have as well.  You should be ashamed if....

You stopped paying attention to the Dbacks in spring training.  Even at my most frustrating moments, I stayed with them.

You had no faith in Kirk Gibson.  Yes, I still question some moves he makes, but you can't deny the positive attitude he brings to the clubhouse.  It make all the difference in the world.

You haven't been to at least one game so far this season.  Yes, it's expensive to go sometimes unless you can find deals.  Trust me, you CAN find deals.  For instance, I got 3 bleacher seats, 2nd row from the field, for $4 each.  That's FOUR DOLLARS EACH!  I found them on Stubhub and the fees to download the tickets and pay their fee is cheaper than Ticketmaster.  For $22 after ticket price and fees, I was in for a game against the San Diego Padres.  Same three tickets that evening would have cost me almost $60 through Ticketmaster. You don't have to go every night, but go once in awhile. Great family entertainment.

You haven't followed the Dbacks starting rotation.  They are turning into something special.  Even when they have rough starts, they seem to work their way out of those jams.  Point in case, last night, Daniel Hudson gives up 5 runs in first two innings.  Would have been easy to fold.  He didn't and last several innings he got his stuff together.

You don't know the Dbacks could have quite an amateur draft in June.  They have a couple of picks in the first round.  They could be loaded down on the farm for years.

You aren't paying attention to Juan Miranda.  He is turning into every bit the first baseman and power hitter the Dbacks thought they were getting in the trade from the New York Yankees.

You haven't already made your plans for how you will watch your next Dbacks game.  No game tonight on TV, but they will be on TV tomorrow before coming home to play the Florida Marlins on Monday.  It should be a fun summer!