DUI Does Not Stand For Diamondbacks Using Intelligence For Mark Grace

Former Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman and current Dbacks broadcaster Mark Grace was pulled over for DUI back on Memorial Day around 1 am in the area of 64th St. and Shea.  The news on the arrest just came out today.  Interesting the info comes out almost a week and a half later.

For the most part, the Dbacks stay out of the news in a negative light off the field.  This could put a scar on Grace's and the Dbacks image.  Grace has still been calling games, including tonight's 3-2 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

There is no excuse for a DUI.  Sure, he is human like the rest of us.  However, I've been reading where people say give him a break, he is allowed to make a mistake and just because he is who he is doesn't make it any worse.  I say it does.  He is a public figure who some look up to.  This was a poor lapse in judgement and should be held accountable by both the law and the team.  His actions are a direct reflection on the team as well, like it or not.

Now, should he be fired?  I don't think so.  I think people are allowed mistakes, albeit this is a big one.  He is lucky he was pulled over for DUI and didn't kill anyone on the roads, including himself.  However, he should be held accountable and should issue a statement given his public stature.  He needs to own up to the mistake.

I grew up idolizing Grace as a Chicago Cub, but honestly have grown more and more disinterested in his announcing antics.  He spends more time justifying the actions and supporting the calls made for the opposition than doing the same for the Dbacks and it gets quite annoying at times.  That being said, he should be allowed to keep his job.  I just hope he is punished like any other Arizonan would be for a DUI.