Kid Diamondbacks Fans Make Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel


So there I was watching ABC last night and Jimmy Kimmel is about to come on and what do I hear?  The kid Arizona Diamondbacks fan who gave a ball up to another kid who missed out on a tossed ball into the stands from Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks got to go Los Angeles to be on the Jimmy Kimmel Show to talk about their experience.  Both kids got to go.  Ian McMillan who gave the ball and Nicholas Goodfellow who was the recipient of the ball both got to go on the show and gab with Kimmel.

I think it is a great story.  We all saw the action as it took place live a couple of weeks ago.  Both kids got four tickets to Dbacks games for the rest of the season.  Nice.  Very nice.  You know though, there was a nice kid, probably like 17-18, who gave my four-year old son Brady a ball in about the same manner earlier this season at a San Diego Padres game on May 16th.  Of course it was batting practice, so it wasn’t caught on camera, so the kid just gets my thanks and gratitude.  There are many others out there like these kids I’m sure.  It’s a shame it just wasn’t caught on television.  I do think the Dbacks did a great thing here though.  If anything, great publicity.