Is Stryker Trahan the Future of the D’backs?


On Wednesday, released it’s list of the Top 10 catching prospects around baseball. The Arizona Diamondbacks were represented by Stryker Trahan, who made the list at #6. The D’backs drafted Trahan out of high school in Louisiana last year with the 26th overall pick with the expectations of growing the young catcher into an elite star.

I have seen Stryker Trahan play in one game since being drafted by Arizona. He homered in that game and I still don’t think the ball has landed. Many folks around the baseball world might not have heard the name Stryker Trahan before, but you will. The crop of young catchers that is working it’s way up the ranks in baseball is awesome to see and Trahan is one of the guys that is leading the pack. I understand that the statistics are not going to stop you in your tracks, but Trahan hit .281 with five bombs and an OPS that is almost off the charts. Let’s all remember something, the guy is 18-years-old, so a lot of work is still to be done. But, for a high school aged kid, he has the potential to play a big role down the road for this organization.

Trahan is set to learn from some of the best in the business as he continues his journey to the show.

Some have said that Trahan will not last as a major-league catcher due to being somewhat lackluster defensively and that he fits better in a corner of the outfield. To that I say, we will see. The development a catcher goes through is so vast that Stryker may be a great backstop, but only time will tell. As far as speed goes, Trahan has above average wheels for a catcher. Watching Stryker  offensively is going to be fun over the next few years because this 18-year-old certainly has the power and talent to be great. A young, strong, possibly converted catcher turned onto majorleague all-star. Ring any bells? It’s early, but we may have another Bryce Harper on our hands.

Pitchers and catchers report in 19 days.