Angry Dodgers vs. Arizona. Game 1 Preview


The Los Angeles Dodgers (6-3) have arrived in Arizona for a three-game series starting tonight. Their plane was probably delayed because Matt Kemp was too busy trying to hunt down Carlos Quentin in the parking lot at Petco Park after a brawl occurred between the two teams in the 6th inning. The Dodgers won the game on an 8th inning Juan Uribe home run. Yep, that’s right! Juan Uribe is still in the league.

Who are you and what have you done with A.J. Pollock? The young outfielder is coming off a career day against the Pirates on Wednesday.

In news that will excite Diamondbacks fans, Arizona is coming off quite an offensive showing on Wednesday against Pittsburgh and the team is 6-3. In news that will upset Diamondbacks fans, Clayton Kershaw will get the ball for LA tonight at Chase Field. Kershaw has thrown 16 straight shutout innings to begin 2013 and the D’backs plan to end that tonight. On the other side of the diamond, Patrick Corbin gets the nod for Arizona. Corbin finished 1-1 against the Dodgers last season. This match up between Arizona and LA is going to be a good one. I believe these two teams will be finishing ranked one and two in the NL West come September. The thing that scares me about tonight is that if Los Angeles can get even a little run support with Kershaw pitching, it may prove troublesome for Arizona because the lefty isn’t exactly handing out runs lately.

Aaron Hill is questionable tonight with a bruised left hand, but it’s Hilly,  so he’ll probably end up playing. I know this isn’t a whole lot of info for you, but tonight will be a good indicator of where Arizona stands against one of the more elite teams in the National League.

Some other news and notes? Although we wouldn’t have seen him in this series, Zack Greinke has been placed on the DL with an injury to his pride after trying to play linebacker against Carlos Quentin last night. No, but seriously, he broke his collarbone. Arizona finished 12-6 last season against Los Angeles and that number needs to be similar this year if the Snakes want a division title. Also, the D’backs will be giving away a “BEAT LA” shirt tonight at Chase Field. It doesn’t have an impact on the game, but I still think it’s pretty important. Looks like I’ll be up past my bedtime again: first pitch is set for 9:40 tonight.

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