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Eric Byrnes On Best Damn Sports

By Scott Allen

Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Eric Byrnes was on Fox Sports Best Damn Sports Show tonight to discuss the A-Rod steroid situation.

Wait, Eric Byrnes is still alive?  Wow, I thought he had disappeared.  Rumor has it he actually is coming to Spring Training.  Ok, all kidding aside, he brought up some very good points on tonight’s show.  He was asked if he would vote for A-Rod for the Hall of Fame at this point.  His answer was at this point , no.  However he said it’s something that shouldn’t even be talked about yet.  He is still an active player.

I agree to a point, but since he claims to be a “fan of the game”, he should know this is a topic of discussion many fans are talking about.

Byrnes was also asked if he wants to know the names of the other 103 people on the list A-Rod found himself on.  His response, “absolutely”.  He said he and most other players probably feel the same way.

I see where he is coming from.  If you’re a guy who isn’t cheating, it should only be fair that it is made public of who is cheating or cheated and isn’t.  MLB owes it to their fans.

Much more discussion on this later.

Scott Allen