Diamondback Musical Chairs Continue Frustrating Season


The Arizona Diamondbacks made several roster moves on Tuesday and expect to make a couple more on Wednesday.

Out are Conor Jackson (illness) and pitcher Bobby Korecky (sent down to Reno – and not a second too soon).  In are Stephen Drew, returning from the disabled list and Clay Zavada, pitcher called up from AA Mobile. Look for more moves tomorrow, including the addition of starting pitcher Bryan Augenstein.

I imagine that there will be more to come.  With as many different lineups as this team has sported lately and all the young AA and AAA players making their way to Phoenix early in the season, it is clear the Diamondbacks are trying to do two things at once, shaking up the lineup to try to spark some wins out of this team meanwhile getting a look see at the younger talent.  Trying to do both at the same time probably spells the end of any possible chances for this team in 2009, but could bode well for 2010.

Chad Tracy‘s days have got to be numbered.  After sitting for five consecutive games, Tracy was inserted into the lineup against the Cincinnati Reds, a game the Dbacks eventually lost 13-5.  However after just two at-bats, he was pulled in favor of Josh Whitesell.  That move spoke volumes.

As for the rest of the team, they can’t hit.  They can’t score runs when in scoring position.  By watching the game this evening against the Reds, they almost look like as they are resigned to giving up.  I’ve heard some of the same comments being made about last night’s game too.  I just watched Justin Upton, with runners on first and third, leave his bat on his shoulders for three consecutive strikes.  Unbelievable.  Or is it?

I wish I had the answers.  However it is clear the Diamondbacks front office wants to do the right thing to keep fans in the seats, but the players clearly are in some kind of funk and that appears to be both physical and mental.  The mental side of things is hurting the physical side of things.  They say this game is mostly mental.  Last night, the Dbacks bullpen was so spent, they used utility player Josh Wilson in the 9th inning as a pitcher.  Was it really that bad?  Then tonight Daron Sutton and Mark Grace said the Dbacks needed started Dan Haren to go the distance and complete the game.  So the bullpen is spent huh?  Well, I’m spent watching this team squander scoring opportunities, make mental mistake after mental mistake on the base paths, and striking out when the at-bat means the most.

It sure is difficult to be a fan right now.  I keep trying and trying to give this team chances.  How do you suppose I continue to do that as these paid professionals go out and act like they don’t care.  Most of them will tell you they do care and I’m sure some do, however their play tells me something else.

I’m not asking for a World Series Championship here.  I just want the team to provide the illusion they care about the game they play.  They don’t have to win them all.  Wouldn’t a few be fun though?