Dbacks Take Fight Off Field Into the Dugout


Well this was bound to happen.  It was only a matter of time before the Dbacks started to turn on their new skipper and themselves.  Friday night Dbacks starting pitcher Doug Davis had words for new skipper A.J. Hinch, after he was pulled in the seventh inning for a pinch hitter in a loss to the Atlanta Braves.  David had only thrown 80 pitches and was losing only 3-2, giving up four hits.  Only two of the three runs were earned.

Hinch pulled him because they needed a spark late in the game off the bench.  Davis actually had already had a hit in the game earlier.  I understand Hinch’s move, however, he was playing the odds according to the unwritten baseball book.

Davis started screaming at Hinch in the dugout because he was upset about leaving the game.  It’s a move that has been made before.  If you remember former manager Bob Melvin made the same move in San Francisco back in April when he pulled Dan Haren in a close game in the seventh inning.  Haren had a low pitch count then too and was pitching very well.  Unfortunately the Diamondbacks poor offense has brought great starting pitching to early ends.

So, was Davis testing his new manger?  Was he expressing the overall feeling in the clubhouse about the inexperieince of Hinch?  Haren was upset that Melvin pulled him in San Francisco, however he didn’t go off on him like Davis did on Hinch.  I’m just waiting to hear about a fist fight taking place in the clubhouse now.  They might as well take it in there.  Their fight on the field has never materialized this season, although you might have seen a little spark of fight when Stephen Drew hit a ninth inning homer to tie Friday night’s game at 3, before they eventually fell to the Braves 4-3.

Of course in-fighting isn’t the answer, howver it might be the start of something.  Nah, I knew you wouldn’t buy that.  I think this team is heading south and quick.  At this rate, this team might end up worse than the 2004 version that ended 51-111.  I didn’t think I’d ever see a season like that again.  However, at least that team tried.  They just weren’t very good.  Is that true of this team, is the problem more than just not trying?  Maybe they really aren’t as good as General Manager Josh Byrnes and Team President Derrick Hall say.  Just maybe when they get to Miami after the weekend series in Atlanta, they should just continue south and take a permanent vacation in the Florida Keys for the season because they are sure playing like they are on vacation.  Just a formality at this point.