Dbacks Go Fish, Take 3-1 Series Win


Well that was the most fun I’ve had all season, how about you?

They are still a long way from being decent, much less good, however a win is a win and you take it everyday.  So far, the Arizona Diamondbacks can say they have taken four days like that in the past week.  After splitting the two games in Atlanta, the Dbacks went to Florida this week and took three of four from the Marlins at Landshark Stadium.

The Dbacks faced it all over the past week.  In house fighting, between Doug Davis and A.J. Hinch.  They faced rain, in both Atlanta and Miami and probably can not wait to escape the jungle rain forest that is the U.S. Southeast.  They faced tragedy in their family with the passing of reliever Scott Schoenewies’s wife yesterday.  Then in each game, they faced a poor start, only to come back and win three of four and without a couple of Stephen Drew errors and a bad call at first base in game one of yesterday’s doubleheader, they easily could have won all four games of this series.

I took away a few observations from the series.  FIrst of all, Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds can rake.  Reynolds may get his share of strikeouts and God knows there hasn’t been much improvement so far in that category this season, however when he hits the ball, he might as well be in space.  Those balls travel far and they travel fast, as if on light speed.

Max Scherzer is learning.  Although Scherzer failed to follow up his first win in Atlanta with a win this evening in Miami, he pitched great after giving up a couple of early runs.  He struck out 10 batters.  He’s going to be a strikeout machine.

Chris Young needs to go to the minors to work on his game.  As much as it pains me to say this, as I think Chris Young is a talent, although maybe not as much of one as many of us initially thought, he needs to get his head straight.  Players don’t have the luxury of  “straightening” things out in the majors, even in a 162 game season.  His current average of .167 is quite troublesome.  Even more troubling is his current 0-13 road trip with seven strikeouts.  Man, even I can perform at that level.  By that I mean the 0-13.  I probably couldn’t hit .007 much less .167.  He is 2-42 on the road this season.  Maybe we should just let him play home games?  It’s a thought.

Regardless of what you or I think of each player, fact is the Diamondbacks obviously are having their best week of the season so far.  This was only their second series win this year to go along with a couple of splits.  Maybe things are starting to turn?  Wait, never mind.  Billy Buckner is starting tomorrow night.  I may have spoken too soon.