Remembering Our Troops, Forgetting Our Baseball


Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I’m taking time to sit back and reflect on the reasons why today most of us are off of work and spending time with friends and family instead.  I’ll admit, sitting back and taking a look at the calendar a couple of weeks ago, I was very excited that I had a Monday off from the daily grind of my job.  This was a chance to sleep in, get in some play time with my nearly two year old son.

Then it hit me.  This is a day we should be remembering those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom and ensure those individuals, such as my almost two year old son, have a future to look forward to.  This is more than just a day off from work.  So, please remember those that have done so much to help keep us safe and keep us free.

Another tradition of Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer.  Kids are out of school.  People like me are off of work.  It’s swim and barbeque time.  It’s picnic time.  It’s baseball time.  Not all of us can get out and go out to the ballparks to watch our favorite pasttime.  Some of us have responsibilities close to home.  The cost of going to a game is also a concern, although if planned correctly, a baseball game is still relatively affordable.  I’ve been to three games myself this season and know I’ll be attending at least a couple more.

So, what does a baseball fan do when he/she is not going to the park, having to stick close to home, or maybe even stopping by their favorite sports bar for some chow while running errands?  Of course, watch baseball on television!  You’ve got the usual ESPN holiday triple-headers, Fox or TBS might throw a special holiday game in there too.  Don’t forget we have the MLB Network now.  They show games.  Surely I’ll find something there too.  So I’m off to scan the channels and see who is on the Memorial Day lineup.

What the  &*$#?  No baseball games on any channel…anywhere?  What has happened to sports on television on summer holidays?  First I take a look at the most obvious place I’d expect to find baseball – ESPN.  Let’s see, ESPN shows a lot of baseball, so ESPN or ESPN2 is bound to have something, right?  Think again.  Here is what they both have on today…

ESPN – College Lacrosse.  Ok, I’m not going to bash lacrosse.  It is actually a fun game to play and can be fun to watch if you are really into that sort of thing.  However, let’s remember, I live in Arizona, not Connecticut or New York, or New Jersey, or Massachusetts, basically the northeastern United States.  That is where this sport is big.  I realize this is the national championship – however isn’t that why we created ESPN U?  C’mon people!  By the way, a scan of ESPN U indicates that The Herd is on.  Ok, I love this show – but it is a RADIO show.  Why do we need to watch a RADIO show on TV?  I don’t get it.

ESPN2 – First Take.  Ok, again, another show I enjoy.  However I honestly can skip another day with Skip, as in Skip Bayless.  This guy has the most ridiculous opinions in the world.  I don’t mind guys having opinions.  Hey I’m expressing mine right now, however he is someone who believes his opinion should be the only correct one.  He’s annoying.  Seriously, when is he going to get into a fight with Jay Crawford.  I’d love to see Crawford perform a beat down on that guy.

FOX – Auto Racing.  This one I get.  Last night’s race was washed out until today.  If it weren’t for this race, there would not be any major sports on television right now.  I’d also have regular local programming.  At this point I’d even take a New York YankeesBoston Red Sox game, which as those who know me well, I’d almost rather walk on fire than have to endure another Yankees-RedSox game that the networks think that all of us care about.  By the way, note to the networks, many of us could give a rats ass about the Yankees and Red Sox.

TBS – Men in Black.  I love this movie, but it gets played over and over and over again.  Let’s say we drop the movie for a couple of hours and play ball!!  Goodness.

WGN – Ok, I’m not going to throw them under the bus on this one becuase they do have a game on – tonight.  The Cubs and night baseball.  Aye Aye Aye.  I love the fact that since 1988 they’ve been able to play night basbeall at Wrigley.  I grew up a Cubs fan, however now slight myself towards the Dbacks because that is my hometown team.  However, this is a holiday.  Why are we playing a night game?  A day at the ball park for a family should be just what is in order.  Gosh, no one gets it.

MLB Network – They finally are on board at 11am.  A game is on!! It took awhile to get a game on, but here it is.  My son has been asking for a “boo-ball” game all morning.  Yankees at the Texas Rangers.  I’m no fan of either team, but it’s baseball.  “Boo-Ball” my little one exclaims!

Play Ball!!  Be safe and have a great day!