Bullpen Blows Another, Needs Implosion


If you aren’t tired of the Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen yet, you might be the only one.  In a wasted great effort by Dan Haren and wiping out a terrific Justin Upton grand slam, the Dbacks bullpen came in an blew another one, falling to the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-5, after once leading 5-0.  Tony Pena for the second night in a row could not get the job done when called upon.  A lot to ask rookie Dan Schlereth to pick up the mess Pena left him.

You knew it would happen though.  Ahead 5-0 and resting on their laurels, the Dbacks played sleepy time on the offensive side of the ball the rest of the night after innings one and two.

Remember the movie Armageddon?  You knew disaster would happen, you only wondered how long it would take before it did?  Well, when Dan Haren was pulled, you knew it was over.  Right now, no one in the bullpen can consistently get the job done.  It is time to implode the disaster that is the Diamondbacks bullpen.

This was also the first time I could see the collective air just fall out of the balloon of the Dbacks this season. Gabriel Parra didn’t even try to run out a wild pitch on strike three in the ninth inning.  They flat out just gave up after the disasterous eighth inning.  They allowed Dodgers reliever Jonathan Braxton just dominate the ninth.  I think you or I could have dominated the ninth.  The Dbacks simply gave up.  Obviously the fight was gone and quite honestly it appeared the fight was gone after the second inning and that is sad considering Dan Haren who was a fighter to the end as usual tonight.  Dan Haren would be the top Cy Young candidate on any other team.

I think it is safe to say the Diamondbacks have one of the worst bullpens in baseball and it is not a stretch to say that the Diamondbacks may be the worst team in baseball.  Sure the Washington Nationals have a worse record, but let’s remember they still beat the Dbacks two out of three last month in Phoenix.

The front office has some hard thinking to do about this team and A.J. Hinch needs to rip into this team.  No more mister nice guy.  Nice guys don’t finish first.  This team is further away from first than Keanu Reeves is of winning an Oscar.  They are in LA though, home of the stars.  Maybe the Dbacks can all leave the baseball behind and try acting.  Why not?  Conor Jackson is following in his father’s footsteps and doing just that.  Or maybe this team can just start acting like it gives a damn.  Right now, unfortunately this not an act.  It’s real life.  Your Arizona Diamondbacks sink.  Period.