A Moment of Glavine


I know this is an Arizona Diamondbacks blog, however, I wanted to take some time to talk about this week’s release of Atlanta Braves pitcher Tom Glavine.  Having grown up, as many of us did, watching this 305-game winner, on TBS on a daily basis, we all know what Tom Glavine has meant to baseball and to the Atlanta Braves and their fans….at least we thought we did.

Glavine was in the midst of a rehab assignment in Class A Rome, GA when he was given the bad news that he was going to be released and not given a shot at the major league club because, as Braves Team President Frank Wren put it, “is not good enough.”  Sad, just plain sad.  Shame on you Mr. Wren and I use the term Mr. very lightly!

He should have been given a shot, at least one stinkin shot, to show he still had it at the age of 43.  In baseball terms these days, especially as a pitcher, is not as old as you think.  Randy Johnson just won his 300th game as a member of the San Francisco Giants.

My friends over at thelandryhat.com, who write for the Braves site tomahawktate.com had a great article on the wonderful apology provided Glavine.  I agree with their take.

There are several reasons why what the Braves did was wrong on so many levels.

  • How do you let a guy who has done so much for your organization go the way it came down?
  • How do you release a pitcher who has just had two rehab starts and 11 innings of shutout ball?
  • How do you decide to release him BEFORE he even takes the mound in the second of said rehab start?

The Braves say this was not financially motivated, rather performance related.  He was due to make a roster bonus.  The guy just pitched shutout ball.  Albeit it was Class A, however what elese did he have to work with.  Never given a shot!  Never!

Tom Glavine has been true class.  His only motivation for rehabbing was to be able to make a comeback with the team he threw so many great innings for.  This was truly not the way he should have been provided his out.

Shame on the Atlanta Braves for their handling of this whole situation.  Apology or no apology, nothing at this point can fix a ruined relationship.

Shame on Frank Wren and John Schuerholz for depriving the Atlanta Braves fans for not at least getting the oppotunity to see what Glavine can still bring to a major league table.  The Braves not only alienated Tom Glavine and many worldwide Braves fans but also many other baseball fans, such as myself, who came to appreciate the job the crafty lefty performed on the pitchers mound everytime out, win or lose.

Shame on the Braves.  Tom Glavine deserved better.