Bullpen Pitches a No-Hitter, After Allowing Five in Ninth


C’mon, only 18 innings?  That’s all they got? Mark Reynolds ended a 5 hour and 45 minute marathon with a three-run home run off of former Arizona Diamondbacks and position player Josh Wilson to beat the San Diego Padres 9-6.

Well, that was more than enough trust me.  The Arizona Diamondbacks once again failed to surprise us by wasting yet another great effort by starter Dan Haren. Today’s goats were Juan Gutierrez and Chad Qualls.  The two of them combined to allow the San Diego Padres to score five runs in the ninth to tie the game at 6-6.

After a disasterous ninth, the Dbacks bullpen pitched a no hitter.  Not a single hit given up in nine innings of extra inning relief.  Amazing.  I’m surprised that Dan Haren hasn’t asked for his release yet.  He’ll probably tell you that he shouldn’t have give up a solo home run or kept his pitch count down so he could have finished the game on his own.  That is who he is.  However, one must think it is just eating him inside to see several of his efforts wasted this season including today’s.  It bugs me, it has to be bugging him.

There were low lights other than Gutierrez and Qualls in this one though.

  • Justin Upton hurt himself on a 10th inning swing, one that would never have had to be taken if not for the ninth inning blow up.
  • The Dbacks defense was too slow to complete two possible plays to end the game in the ninth, keeping the game alive for David Eckstein’s 3-run home run.
  • Base running.  Oh man, without poor base running, this game could have easily been out of reach early.  Two pick-offs and an overrun of second base by Miguel Montero cost them dearly in the first three innings.

There were highlights outside of Haren as well though:

  • Stephen Drew went 4 for 8 to raise his batting average up to .248.  He has an 11 game hitting streak now.
  • Montero did his best to atone for the baserunning blunder by going 4 for  7 at the plate.
  • Josh Whitesell only went 1 for 6, but his one was a bases clearing 3-run  double
  • Mark Reynolds went 1 for 7, but it was a big one.  The three run job that finished off the Padres in the 18th.

The Diamondbacks are now 8-0 all time in games that last 15 innings or longer.  Who knew?  I didn’t until it was pointed out to me in a Twitter from FOXSPORTSAZ

We probably should expect much more of the same drama tomorrow.  Then again, Jake Peavy is pitching.  It could be over before it starts.  Then again, it could be much more of the same that we’ve been watching this road trip.