Billy Mays Dies Along With Chances For a Dbacks Pitch


Famed TV Pitchman Billy Mays died in his Tampa, Florida home this morning at the age of 50.  Yet another celebrity death that could have helped the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Here is man that could have sold ice cream and popsicles to Eskimos.  So why couldn’t have he sold fans on the Arizona Diamondbacks.  I’m already a fan of course, but by looking at all the people who come to Dback games dressed as empty seats, the Diamondbacks are in more need of a professional sell job than probably any other major league team not named the Washington Nationals.

Mays energetic pitches were famous.  He always seemed to be one second shy of a an aneurysm.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see that as the reason he passed.  He could get you excited to watch grass grow.  He was that good.  I sense the Diamondbacks missed an opportunity to get fans once again excited about the second worst team in baseball.  Right now, we have nothing else to lay our hats on until the Cardinals get going in a month.

I remember when ABC/ESPN Sports interviewed him on the sidelines during a college football game last season.  I thought that was fantastic.  Who else to get you excited about college football, right?

Now everyone in heaven will be a little peppier today.

“Billy Mays here for Arizona Diamondbacks baseball”.  Ahhh that would have been something great to hear.  R.I.P Billy.

Scott Allen