Finally Some Consistency!!


Let’s be honest, who thought we were heading down the road we saw last year? I did! But yesterday we witnessed a glimpse of a team that has some cohunes or in polite terms resiliency. After their 3-2 lost to the Cleveland Indians on March 8th it is good to see the Diamondbacks bounce back with a victory.  Yesterday’s 10-4 win over the Cincinnati Reds has given me some hope that the Diamondbacks have enough talent to compete if they could just keep some consistency. The last two games the Dbacks have shown off some solid pitching that I hope fans paid attention too.

The game yesterday showed me that our pitching rotation has some real competitors focused on making our rotation complete. I was satisfied by Billy Buckner’s pitching performance. He pitched a solid game minus a few pitches that cost him two homeruns. His 3 strong innings allowed him to make some noise for the starting spot in the Diamondback pitching rotation. Even though we split the two games I am glad to see some consistency somewhere on our team.

Unlike against the Indians, yesterday our batting complimented our solid pitching performance. We scored 4 runs in the 5th inning and 3 runs in the 8th inning to solidify our 2nd victory this spring. Justin Upton’s second homer of the preseason is making that $51 million contract he recently signed seem worth every penny. The best part about yesterday though was the batting that surrounded Upton. A Chris Snyder single in the 5th scored 2 runs and Augie Ojeda also singled to knock in two more runs in the 8th inning. Cole Gillespie batted 2-4 on the day while Drew Macias and Kelly Johnson both contributed with a hit and a walk. I am proud to say we brought the bats to the game with us.

We finally showed some all around abilities yesterday that propelled us to a needed victory. Being that the Dbacks are only 2-5 this spring, it is definitely too early to be writing down a Cinderella story, but I am glad that they can take this victory to the film room. Today’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers will be a chance for the Diamondbacks to create some momentum. Consistency is a must for the Diamondbacks, pitching has to show up to the same games as the bats, is that too much to ask for? Think about it.