Happy Mother’s Day Dbacks Moms!


Happy Mother’s Day to all Arizona Diamondbacks moms.

Speaking of, a few of the Dbacks players could use their mom right now. Some others appear to have probably heeded some good words from mom in the off-season.

Of those who could use their mommy right about now:

Brandon Webb could use his mommy for some TLC right now.  He hasn’t seen the light of a major league field since April 2009.  That’s 13 months by my count.

Justin Upton’s mommy must be so proud.  Her young boy has so much talent, so many skills, yet is hitting .218.  He probably could use some encouraging words from his mom.

Chad Qualls probably has already talked to his mom.  Most likely by now he’s received a detention slip or a poor progress report he’s had to take home to mom to sign and bring back.  I mean, that has to be the explanation as to why the Dbacks continue to allow him to get up on the pitchers mound and get rocked every time out.

A.J. Hinch’s mom is probably wondering what he’s gotten himself into.  163 games into his tenure as Dbacks manager and he’s 72-91.  Hopefully his mom didn’t spend too much on schooling. Oh wait, never mind, he went to Stanford.  Can his mom ask for a refund??

Of those that appear to have already confided in their mom’s in the off-season:

Chris Young has had some kind of re-birth.  He is hitting .293 with 25 RBI in the early going.  Last year after he struggled in the .100’s all season including a send down to AAA, clearly he’s the most improved on the team.  During the trip to Houston last week, the camera’s panned several times over to CY’s mom in the stands.  She had a huge smile.  You know she had something to do with it.

Kelly Johnson can be counted in the same category.  After hitting two home runs and struggling in 2009, he moves to Arizona and so far has 10 home runs, which is tied for the NL lead.  He got player of the month in April and shows no signs of slowing down.

I hope everyone enjoy’s their day!  Happy Mother’s Day to my wife Andrea.  She is mom to my two-year old, almost three, Brady.  Her contributions as a mom allows me the opportunity to share my thoughts with you. Now, off to the Diamondbacks-Brewers game.

Scott Allen