More Calls to Boycott Arizona and the All-Star Game


What’s a day without another call for boycotting Arizona, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and especially the Major League All-Star game in 2011?  Well, it’s like a day without sunshine apparently.

Yet more calls to boycott Arizona and the All-Star game today.  Today’s winners, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez and San Diego Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.  Senator Menendez is urging MLB to move the game and Gonzalez has come out and stated if he is picked to participate, he will boycott and not come.

Good, stay the hell away then.

I love how all these people feel that boycotting Arizona is somehow going to repeal this law.  First of all, it’s no business of Senator Menendez’s anyways.  He has the right to voice his opinion and the right to submit a request to move the game.  It’s not his fight.  Really though, why politics is mixing in baseball is beyond me.  Gonzalez, who made his comments last week, is calling for not only a boycott of the All-Star game, but a move of all spring training out of Arizona.

If I was commissioner, if Gonzalez decided to skip, let him.  It’s his right.  I would fine and possibly suspend him if he wasn’t injured and didn’t have a legitimate excuse for missing a game fans want to see him in though.  What I also don’t understand is, doesn’t his team play in Arizona like 9-10 times a season?  What’s he going to do, boycott those games too?  It’s a joke.  I’ve stated in the past, I don’t like the law myself, but the law is the law.  Lawmakers in this country have the right to make the laws.  We voted those people into office.  Boycotting a particular place because of its laws is your right as a U.S. Citizen.  AS A U.S. CITIZEN!  Last time I checked, Gonzalez was in this country legally, as were all other Latinos in the major leagues.  They have nothing to worry about.

As far as I’m concerned, go ahead, continue the calls for boycotts.  We’ll continue to support and love the ones who will continue to support our laws and come to Arizona to spend their money, and no matter how many people are against it, let’s remember that 70 percent – 70 PERCENT, of Arizonans support this law.  You can continue your boycotts and letter writing campaigns, legal challenges, pickets, rally’s, marches, speaches, or whatever else.  Fact is, as of July 30th, this will be law in Arizona, like it or not.  MLB can do what they want.  I would love to see the All-Star game here, but you know what?  I’d almost rather not have all those people coming here and bitching and whining about the heat either.

If you want to boycott, please by all means.  Go make someone else miserable.

Scott Allen