SB 1070 Affects Dbacks Again


Here we go, yet another boycott.  This time.  Hall and Oates

The duo of Daryl Hall and John Oates had scheduled a post-game concert on Friday July 2nd following the Arizona DiamondbacksLos Angeles Dodgers game.  However because of Arizona’s new illegal immigration law, SB 1070, they have canceled their date in Phoenix because of their personal opinions of the new law.  Whatever. 

First, I’d like to know why they scheduled this in the first place?  It wasn’t announced until May 26th.  The popular sentate bill was signed on April 30th.  The law goes into effect at the end of July.  If they were so against what the State of Arizona is doing, they should never have scheduled the concert in the first place.

Boycotting won’t repeal the law.  I’ve said it before.  Boycott all you want as far as I’m concerned.  Hall and Oates only joins a long list of businesses, municipalities, celebrities, and others that have taken a personal stance on the issue by boycotting the state.   I’ve previously said I’m not a fan of the law myself  because of what it opens itself up to, regardless of the language in the law.  I’m not about to go out and boycott Arizona.  First, I live here, secondly, most of the boycotts will hurt the boycotter more than it will the state.

I’ll be very interested to see what becomes of Hall and Oates and their fan base.  People still don’t realize that over 70 percent or Arizonan’s and almost 80 percent of those outside our state, support this law.  I have no problem with someone tkaing a personal stance on something.  We all do it, including myself.  They have the right to boycott, but it is just curious to me why they agreed to come here after the bill was signed?

Is it me, or do you find it ironic ( or a coincidence depending on your take) that the opponent that night is the Los Angeles Dodgers?  LA has boycotted Arizona and been quite vocal about it.  I also wonder if Hall and Oates have read the law.  I’m finding many haven’t before they voice their opinions and stances.  If they haven’t, then sounds like to be they need some “Adult Education”.