Diamondbacks Problems Persist, Implosion Should be Next Step


I think it is about time the Arizona Diamondbacks made some whole sale changes, don’t you?  They promised, right?  I heard it through their own mouths more than a week ago now.  Plain and simple people, this team, especially its bullpen, sucks.  That’s right, no mincing words today.  This team sucks any which way you look at it.  Time to start over.  As far as I’m concerned, no one is untouchable.  No one, because those that do have value might bring us some real young talent in return.

It really is amazing just how bad this bullpen is.  It’s become a daily topic when discussing this team.  I’ve had enough.  As a fan, as a writer, as someone who has invested plenty of his time and money into this team, it is just enough.

Where to start?  How about with the biggest problem.  Pitching.  Not even just the bullpen anymore, but also the starting pitching.

Number one disease?  That would be Juan Gutierrez.  Now, he did pitch pretty well today, if you want to call it that, in today’s 11-7 loss to the Atlanta Braves.  However, he shouldn’t even be on a major league mound.  Heck, he shouldn’t even be on a high school mound.  His ERA is ridiculous.  Enough with the talk he is a great power pitcher who just can’t locate his pitches.  You know what you call that A.J. Hinch?  A horrible pitcher.  Why don’t you just come out and say it?  He SUCKS!  You know why you don’t come out and say it, cause you are a yes man who this miserable management feels still can take this organization to the promised land.  The only promise I’ve heard lately is big changes, but I’ve not seen those yet and I know they don’t include you.

Who’s next?  Hey, how about Chad Qualls.  He is about as effective as raking leaves on a windy day.  This guy can’t pitch his way out of a paper bag.  I’d rather go watch Sex and the City 2 14 times before I go watch you pitch one more time.  You are horrible Mr. Qualls.  You can’t throw strikes and when you do, they end up somewhere in a corner of the outfield.  Time to end his employment with the Dbacks.

I know, let’s talk about Cesar Valdez.  No, that’s a waste of time, much like the waste of time it is to bring him in to ball games.  So, let’s talk Blaine Boyer.  Ughh, wait, it’s not getting any better.  Although he didn’t get charged with the run, he did walk a run in today, so that’s always good news.  Glad to see the call up did wonders for this team.

Enough with the bullpen, you get the idea.  Moving on to starting pitchers.  This was actually a good topic to talk about until recently.  Dan Haren has had one of those seasons I would assume he’d rather just forget.  I say dump him while he still has some trade value left.  Haren has seen so many miles on the pitches he’s thrown, I would be very surprised if he hasn’t already garnered enough frequent flyer miles to fly to China and back seven times.  The amount of homers he’s given up is just astronomical.  No, not comical, although I do wonder if I just want to laugh or cry about it sometimes.

Then there is Edwin Jackson.  As far as I’m concerned, he can leave too.  He’s really only had two good starts this season.  That won’t get it done.  He’s given up way too many runs.  I see why Los Angeles and Detroit both were quick to give up on him.  Oh, speaking of Detroit, Mr. Dontrelle Willis.  Welcome to the “I suck as a Diamondback Club.”  He went unscathed in his Dbacks debut last Saturday, but he was still wild.  Today was no exception to that.  He walked six batters – in four innings!  He threw 95 pitches, only 50 strikes – in four innings!  Sorry, that just won’t cut it.  Pink slip please.

Well, you can’t talk about the demise of this ballclub without talking about the miserable offense either.  Mark Reynolds might be the best .211 hitter ever.  With 14 home runs and 43 RBI, you would expect a better batting average.  No excuse for such a low average now that he is in his fourth season.  I’ve even come to terms with his strikeouts.  I know, you know, we all know they are going to happen.  Speaking of strikeouts, talk about a guy giving him a run for his money on the major league lead in that department, is none other than Justin Upton.  He struck out another three times today.  Not acceptable.

Chris Snyder.  Step up on to the chopping block.  I have no idea what your issue is.  I love your defense, which this week has even been suspect.  You can’t hit worth diddly.  You look lost at the plate.  Today you looked like you just gave up at the plate, representing the tying run.  Nice going leaving the bases loaded.  Oh and when you leave?  Take John Hester with you.  He’s another worthless blob behind the plate.  I can’t wait for Miguel Montero to get back.

It’s almost laughable, but it’s amazing to know that even given the poor performance to date, the large amount of runs given up, the miserable record, it could be worse.  Yeah, much worse.  Take today for example.  The Braves scored 11 runs on 16 hits, had 9 walks and still left 12 men on base – 12!  If it weren’t for the ineptness of your opponents, you just might be the worst team of all time.  Other teams are missing their opportunities against the Dbacks.  Dodgers had trouble scoring a couple of weeks ago.  Colorado had a chance to win all three games this past weekend.

Enough with the action on the field.  Let’s start with some action in the front office.  Major changes need to happen – now!  You need to stop gauging your fans by blackmailing them with things such as six-packs in order to get tickets to the New York Yankees.  You need to stop alienating your fans by keeping A.J. Hinch as your manager.  You need to backup your words and soon, or your organization will see what happened to the Phoenix Coyotes soon.  You will continue to invite empty green seats and continue to lose money as long as you continue to put an inferior product on the field.  Enough!