Yankees Visit Arizona


What’s the big deal?  So the New York Yankees are coming to Phoenix to play the Arizona Diamondbacks this evening to open a three-game series at Chase Field.  My only questions are how many people of the 49,000 plus in attendance will be cheering for the Yankees and by how much will the Yankees win each game by?

Clearly, as much as we hate them, we know who the much better team is.  The only redeeming factor for the Dbacks in this series is the fact that they are at home for this series and not at Yankee Stadium.  The Dbacks just came off a six-game road trip where they went 1-5.  The Dbacks aren’t exactly coming home on fire.  More like coming home before the fire sale.  Oh, and don’t pay any attention to what Dbacks General Manager Josh Byrnes says, this team will be wheeling and dealing.  If you think moving Conor Jackson was the big move to save this team’s future, well, I have some ocean front property in Yuma I’d like to sell you too.

There will be more moves, I am certain of it.  Too bad none of them came before the Yankees annihilation of the Dbacks.

I expect much more of the same quite honestly of what we saw in Boston and DetroitMark Reynolds will continue his strikeout greatness.  He can go over the 100 strikeout mark for the season tonight.  Expect that to happen.  Expect a lot of New York Yankees chants and a few Dbacks fans booing.  Expect Alex Rodriguez to go yard.  Also expect the Dbacks to be in at least one of these games until the seventh inning only to lose by more than four runs.

Tonight’s game has been pushed back to a 7:10 start thanks to ESPN.  Ok, let’s be honest here….why does ESPN want to show this game?  Oh yeah, it’s New York, nevermind.  I’m surprised they don’t already have ESPN 4, all Yankees and Red Sox, all the time.

All I know is, no matter what time this game starts, all it does is delay the inevitable….another Dbacks loss.  The only question, in what manner will they lose tonight?