Rating the Dbacks Trades


Well it sure was a busy week of wheeling and dealing for the Arizona Diamondbacks. So exactly what did we give up and what did we get in return?  Sometimes the deals have more bit to them under the surface and there is more there than meets the eye.  Here I rate the trades that the Dbacks have made over the past week.

Dan Haren to the Los Angeles Angels for Joe Saunders, Patrick Corbin, Rafael Rodriguez, and player to be named.

From a Dbacks fan perspective this deal hurts.  Hurts to get rid of a Dan Haren.  Haren was our ace, although in all reality, he isn’t a typical “ace” but rather a low number 1 or great number 2 guy.  Haren was going to be the guy to get the Dbacks back to the playoffs and help bring another championship to the city of Phoenix.  However, his lack of production, high salary, and demand on the open market, gave the Dbacks every chance to get rid of him now.  Joe Saunders pitched great in his first outing a couple of nights ago with the Dbacks.  Is he a viable replacement for Haren?  Right now, probably not.  He is a lefty though and we can only use one of those.  Given Saunders struggles so far this season, his Thursday start in Philly gave promise.  As for Corbin and Rodriguez, only time will tell what kind of impact they will have.  Both sit in the minors for now.  The player to be named is supposedly Tyler Skaggs, but that’s top secret until after August 7th, so I won’t even speculate yet.

From an Angles fan perspective you have to like this deal.  Not sure this is the deal that gets you to catch the Texas Rangers or not.  In fact, Texas defeated Haren 2-1 last night.  Haren pitched great, but gave up that dreaded homer.  He pitched a complete game though.  What was he missing?  Oh, the same thing he missed here – run support.  Some things never change.

D’backs grade:  Incomplete.  Let’s see what Saunders does and what he gets in arbitration.  I also want to see how this deal completes itself next week and what we see from the minor leaguers.

Edwin Jackson to the Chicago White Sox for Dan Hudson and Dave Holmberg.

From a Dbacks fan perspective, this is an ok deal.  Jackson had an up and down season in his 21 starts in Arizona.  He did have the no-hitter, but you can only ride that for so long and not have it overshadow his performance the rest of the season.  The Dbacks dump a salary and an over 5.00 ERA.  As for Hudson, he starts for the first time for the Dbacks today.  He’s been great in AAA Charlotte.  Not so much in Chicago since being recalled to replace the injured Jake Peavy.

From a White Sox fan perspective, not sure how this deal helps me either.  I will say, at least with Jackson, you get a proven starter with experience, but that’s about it.  I’m not sure this trade helps the White Sox in their run to stave off the Twins for the AL Central?  Maybe their management knows something the rest of us don’t?

Dbacks grade: B

Chad Qualls to Tampa Bay Rays for a player to be named later.

From a Dbacks fan perspective, this is a GREAT deal.  I feel like I just won a million dollars on Deal or No Deal!  Any deal where you dump a $1.5 million salary and an 8.27 ERA and that’s all you give up for a player to be named later, you’ve just made a great deal.  Qualls has been a disaster for the Dbacks.  I don’t care if Elmer Fudd is who we get in return, we still get the better end of the deal.

From a Rays fan perspective, you have to ask yourself what the &*#$???  THIS is the only move you make?  Wow!  How can management look their team in the eyes and tell them this is the move they made to help in the run for the pennant?  Not only did they take on Qualls – but they also took on the whole remainder of his salary, something no other team would concede.

Dbacks grade:  A+++++

Chris Snyder and Pedro Ciriaco for D.J. Carrasco, Bobby Crosby, and Ryan Church

From a Dbacks perspective, if this was a few years ago, this would be an awesome deal for us.  As it stands, it’s a wash.  Snyder wasn’t performing at the plate and had pretty much been relegated to one or two starts a week thanks to the development of Miguel Montero.  Snyder, at times, looked clueless at the plate.  Sure, it’s hard to say goodbye to his defense, but in this case, defense does NOT win championships.  Carrasco pitched for the Dbacks last night and fit in immediately, blowing a lead.  Crosby and Church most likely won’t be a Dback in 2011, so who cares.  Crosby is a former AL Rookie of the Year, but not as good anymore and Church is another whose best years are behind him in New York and Washington.

From a Pirates fan perspective, you say “ehh”.  You dumped three below average players for one below average player, so I guess it frees up two spots for better production in 2011.

Dbacks grade:  C