You Know Where You Can Shove that Bobblehead


It seemed so innocent.  A nice promo to coincide with the number retirement of Luis Gonzalez.  A bobblehead giveaway.  There have been many before and there will be many ahead.  Tonight though, it seemed different.  Very different.

I realize these things are hot commodities on the Ebay and Craigslist markets (by the way, barely home from the game I already saw 12 Luis Gonzalez retirement game bobbleheads on Ebay for sale.  Game had barely ended.  However, I was not surprised and I’ll tell you why.

I am not surprised because there were only 15,000 available.  Let’s not get that confused with the “first 15,000 fans” though, cause I guarantee there are NOT 15,000 of you walking around with one of these over-valued home decoration, gnome-like thingy’s.  The fact is, it was a downright fight to get one of these things.  People were grabbing 4, 5, 6 or more of these things and immediately walking out of the ballpark.  I saw at least a dozen people walking out with boxes,  boxes full of these things.  BIG boxes.   Ridiculous.

I am not surprised because there was no semblence of organization except for the 26 mile long lines outside in the 100 degree plus heat.  The dis-organization was inside.  Dbacks employees did not seem to be handing them out any longer.  People were rather just grabbing in a mob scene.  My wife was lucky to get the LAST one in the LAST box in our line.  My son will now have a Luis Gonzalez bobblehead in his room and he couldn’t be happier.

I am not surprised because the gates opened at 3:00pm and I got there at 3:15pm.  People I’m sure wasted their lives in line for 12-14 hours for this miniature statue of a player whose heart is 100 million times larger than all of those bobblehead gnome-like thingy’s put together.

Now, let’s not get a mixed message here, I did want a bobblehead for each of us.  Not to sell though, rather one for my son for his room, one for my wife who is a huge Gonzo fan, and one for her boss, who, like-wise, is a huge Gonzo fan.  There are many others out there I know feel the same and didn’t go to get them to sell.  Those are the real baseball fans. I met a couple in line, a very nice gentleman with his son.  He, by the way, admitted, he’s a San Francisco Giants fan, lives here, therefore is a Dbacks fan too.  He was just there to watch some baseball.  Oh, and of course hopefully grab a gnome-like thingy for his son.

I also have no issue with people selling their bobbleheads – if it’s the only one you got and you decide you don’t want it.  I’d buy one for the right price.  Not for the $45 I’ve seen them as high as on Ebay.

Shame on you people who grabbed multiple bobbleheads and walked right back out.  I’m sure the Dbacks thank you for buying a ticket for the right to do that, but for the legions of fans who left disappointed without the trophy, at least they leave with some things you didn’t.  They left after being treated to a nice ball game.  They left with a clear conscience.  They left with their dignity and integrity and they know exactly where in their house they will put their gnome-like thingy’s.  As for you, you know where you can shove yours!

Note to the Diamondbacks:  Why don’t you just give everyone in attendance one next time and HAND one to the fans as they have their ticket scanned?  You know, much like you do with every other promo you have!  You knew you would sell this one out, so no leftovers.   You are the real ones to blame for this mess.