Changing Chase Field a Mistake


What's with all this talk of the Arizona Diamondbacks changing the dimensions of Chase Field in order to make it less of a hitters park?  Really?  I think making any changes is a mistake.  A big one.

The Dbacks are concerned with teams coming in and being able to scatter all those hits to all the special nooks and crannies the field has to offer.  Also they are talking about pushing fences back and raising their heights.  Pitcher friendly, yes.  Fan friendly, not.

I think the Diamondbacks are losing some focus here.  Changing the dimensions certainly can alter the hitting stats anywhere.  However, do they realize that changing all of those things not only affects the opponent, but themselves as well?  Derrick Hall, please tell me you've thought of that too!  I got an idea.  How about going and getting better pitching, then you don't have to worry about the field dimensions?  I know, radical idea.  I'm crazy that way.

What more, the last time I checked, wasn't this supposed to be a fan friendly game?  I realize there is a business to run.  There is no business without the fans though.  We've learned to live with how Chase Field is designed for 12 years now.  I think we are ok with it.  To make alterations because your team isn't good enough, maybe that should be a red flag to you?  You think??

It w3as really never an issue until this year.  Just because your bullpen is the worst in the modern era doesn't mean you punish the fans and the Dbacks offense just so you can support your pitching staff.  I get that you are trying to do everything in your power to erase everything Jerry Colangelo did to build this team.  I realize you want to put your own stamp on this team Mr. Hall.  I'm surpirsed the aforementioned changes are the only one's that a re rumored to be in the works.  Why not just go erase the record books?  Let's just go erase all the good history, huh?

Let's see.  We've changed team colors and uniforms.  Bad move.  The name of the park has changed (although that one isn't the Dbacks fault).  You forced out the most popular player in team history only to make amends and put him as a consultant in your front office.  Now you want to re-design Chase Field so Albert Pujols can only hit doubles instead of home runs?  Oh, and let's not even mention how you are going to raise ticket prices next season!  The Arizona Diamondbacks, endearing themselves to fewer and fewer fans everyday.