Final Home Game Today


The final home game of the 2010 season for the Arizona Diamondbacks takes place today against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The Dbacks have a chance to finish their home portion of the schedule at 40-41, just one game under .500.  Although that is still a disappointing record, it still shows the Dbacks didn’t go down without a fight and that’s all anyone can ask at this point.  The Dbacks have already won four out of five on this home stand, including last night’s 5-2 victory over the Dodgers.

There hasn’t been much to cheer about at Chase Field this season.  Not a lot of good memories to take away from what has been a hard season both on and off the field for the Dbacks. There have been some good and some not so good memories of this season’s home games.

The good memories were few and far between.  The best one has to be the retirement ceremony for Luis Gonzalez.  The August 7th game was a sellout, the only sellout besides the home opener.  Of course there was bobble-head gate, but save for that, it was a good moment for the Dbacks on the field.  Chris Young won the game with a walk-off homer in extra innings.

The not so bad memories came by more often, but probably the one that sticks out in my mind the most didn’t even happen on the field, but off, so to speak.  The pop duo of Hall and Oates were to play a post-game concert in July, only to have them cancel their appearance thanks to SB1070, the Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill.  They decided to join a nationwide boycott of Arizona.  What made this move interesting was that they made an agreement to come AFTER SB1070 was signed.  It was just more bad publicity the Arizona Diamondbacks needed no part of, even though it wasn’t a decision made because of them.  It was just that kind of season.

Whatever it is you take away from this season home games, let’s remember this.  It is still a fun way for the kids and most adults to spend time together for a few hours.  Sure, winning helps things along, but with all the in-game contests and team promotions, it is still a decent experience for all.  From the post-game fireworks to the post-game concerts and all in-between, it was an interesting season to say the least.  Let’s hope next season we can add a few more wins on the home schedule and get more fans into the seats.