Reynolds Gets Honorable Mention


Honorable mention....wait.  Might be more of a dis-honorable mention depending on your point of view.

Jayson Stark of ESPN posted his article on his MLB awards for the season, including LVP - Least Valuable Player. Arizona Diamondbacks third baseman Mark Reynolds didn't win, although I had a feeling he would at least get mentioned.  Sure enough, he did.  The winner of the LVP was Manny Ramirez and that was well deserved.

You can say a lot of things about Reynolds, who is struggling heading into tonight's game, hitting .198.  He only is 4- for his last 57 at bats before tonight's game.  He finally saw his first hit in Los Angeles this evening, a Texas Leaguer that produced a run. However, one thing Reynolds will always have over Ramirez is integrity.  He doesn't play the game just for himself like Ramirez does.  Reynolds may unintentionally leave his runners hanging on base, but will never leave his teammates out to dry, much like Ramirez did in LA a couple of months ago when he got himself kicked out of a game in the first inning.

Reynolds has not once complained about his plight this season.  He knows he is struggling.  Yet he shows up every night, sometimes to our dismay, but seriously, shows up every night and will play hard as he can.  That is especially evident out in the field.  Yes, the strikeouts are getting old.  Yes, it may be time for the Dbacks to seriously look at replacing him because you can't drag a .198 hitter in an everyday lineup and expect to contend.  Reynolds never failed any drug tests.  Reynolds never purposely got himself thrown out of a game.  Reynolds is not a selfish person like Ramirez.

So say what you want about Reynolds play.  Sure, pitiful it has been at best.  Character counts in my book though.  Never has there been so much talent inside a body like Ramirez's that is just wasted by an ego bigger than his head.  So, Stark got this one correct.  Manny is the Least Valuable player in the National League this season.  However, for Reynolds, despite his numbers, is not the Least Valuable player even on his team.  Unfortunately for him, character alone doesn't win championships.